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Video Games The Positives Essay

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Video games the positives
Has your mom ever told you to read get off and read a book, right when your one kill from a kem strike. Of course you don't and your screen goes black down in the bottom a becon pops up saying disconnected from xbox live. Well i have it sucks! So the next day your mom takes the wifi box with her to work so when she comes home i say “mom we need to have a talk” . We talk and she says if you can prove me wrong and show me how video games don't rot your brain ill let you play as long as you want. Duh i agreed but i could never find out how to show her and now thanks to mrs.maier i can so MOM video games do improve your life.
Heres some proof for you skeptics, Believe it or not Doctors agree its been proven that surgeons who play video games once a day for 30 minutes leads to less mistakes in surgery. Although some say that it can mess up hand eye coordination up but ...view middle of the document...

Not only do video games improve your life they improve your everyday life. If you have ADHD like me it can help improve concentration alot. But first i'll tell you how if you still don't believe me. Its called Hyperfocus people with ADHD cant concentrate on something boring because its not holding our focus like a video game. The hyper focus is something that happens when your so in tune with what you're doing you become oblivious to the world around you and you only focus on that one thing. If only our teachers could do that. that and when you're focused on one thing and its not to easy to break your concentration that builds focus because you can stay on one task for longer. If your normal and you don't have ADHD it still helps because it also makes eyesight better to due to increased movement.
Now i'm not saying there aren't some down sides because there are like childhood obesity because some children let video games consume their life and thats all they do. and they're not doing anything and they eat and do nothing to get rid of that food so the fat just seats there.Goes no where and builds up and they just keep gaining weight so they become obese. Also can lead to anger problems like going 50-0 and dieing by a claymore and getting mad over nothing but it not only leads to anger problems but can cause intense rage out of no where like bipolar disease. but there are no actually proven medical problems with playing video games.
Doctors agree with video games increasing everyday lives. There are some cons but in no way out doing all the positive things helps eyes, mind ,and motor skills. and why not video games are great way to relieve stress also improving everyday lives

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