Video Games: Violence & Gender Disparity

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More so than ever before the actions of young adult males displaying heinous acts of violence against their fellow man. The cause of their outbreaks often being unknown, forcing their to be speculation and all the frequently the speculation attributes videogames into the cause of their actions. Claiming that today’s entertainment, specifically the videogame industry is too graphically violent. No longer the extent simply being blood but it has escalated to murder, personal hand to hand combat and decapitation. Knowing this it is easy to understand as to why the media and parents are concerned over the impact which video games will have onto their children, its led many to believe that video ...view middle of the document...

Whereas interactions involving bad characters prevent the player from connecting with the character, If the player somehow does then the writers push the player away through having the character act out. Thus turning the players character (avatar) into an embodiment of the player. An example of this would be from a game called Mass Effect, this game allows the player to create the appearance of their avatar, very often players will create themselves in an attempt to place themselves within the game.
“the avatar representation interacts with the user’s body schema, forming their mediated self-representation. It follows that if the avatar portrays the user’s surrogate physical presence within the environment, then seeing physical resemblance between self and the avatar will increase one’s sense of presence.” (Eastin)
Due to this relation between avatar and player, the involvement of the player with their avatar goes down to a psychological level. The impact from the game is so strong at this point because of the fact that the player tried to recreate their presence within the game personalizing the avatar. When faced with decisions this plays a role within the players mind most of the time. Due to this connection the player is more likely to feel what their avatar does and often the player will want to do what they would want to do if in the situation. These kind of games draw out a basic sense of self presence connecting the player and avatar. Of course the argument could be made that a player how does bad things within the game is now a bad person, or was a bad person. That is not necessarily true as when players do bad deeds they dissociate themselves with the actions often taking no pleasure in the actions.
Connecting the idea that people are capable of projecting themselves into the game, what warrants the idea that male gamers are taking on the attributes of their “bad” characters. Are they connecting to deeply with their characters or are males just that easily prone to violent behaviour. It is easy to say that men are violent and will always be violent but basing an opinion over a basic sexist view wouldn’t justify the degree of violence. claiming that it is...

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