Video Games Vs. The World Essay

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Everything that is new must be scrutinized. This is a tried and true rule that faces even the most brilliant ideas and movements. Rock and Roll from the 1960’s that was once characterized as “satanic” is now widely regarded as “classic.” When motion pictures first hit the scene, Charlie Chaplin thought that they were a fad, saying that “Audiences really want to see live actors on a stage,” but that fad has gone on to gross 10.8 billion dollars in 2012. I am sure that when the wheel was first invented someone was there to express his or her conflicting opinions on travel and the use of tools. Regardless of critics and skeptics, these mediums have thrived (although some may have sparked more history-changing technology than others). Slowly but surely, some of the new ideas brought about from generation to generation seem to gain face in the public eye and become staples of American culture. Along the way, though, these ideas are tested and forced to grow out of their primitive selves. Video games are going through this puberty-like process right now. It was only twenty years ago when video games were looked at a simple child’s toys, and ten years after that as a tool used to train our youth to be violent killers. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel getting closer and closer as the media and the general public begin to take video games more seriously. Video games are a rising star in American culture and will one day be held on the same level as movies and novels.
Some may argue that video games are already nearing their compatriots in today’s market. The current state of video games is more similar to other mediums than you may think. Just as there are novellas, short stories, graphic novels, and books of poetry, video games come in many shapes and sizes as well. Games found on smart phones give short bursts of addicting fun, games downloaded onto a console contain all the pieces of a full game just with less depth, and independent games that have smaller budgets have the ability to experiment with the medium in ways that a triple-A budgeted title could never do. Just as movies have their summer blockbusters, dramas, and comedies, there are video games that fit these roles as well. Big titles like the Call of Duty franchise or the Grand Theft Auto franchise have mass commercial appeal, games like the Metal Gear Solid franchise or Heavy Rain create dramatic experiences for players, and games like the Borderlands franchise work as funny and relaxing entertainment. Also similar to other mediums, video games are closely scrutinized by the public. Games like the previously mentioned Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto franchises, franchises known for graphic violence, are criticized for desensitizing people and are often blamed for shootings involving younger culprits. It’s clear to see that many of these criticisms are made just because video games are the hot new thing to blame. In one of the latest cases, an eight year old shot his...

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