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Video Games: From Start To Now

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Have you ever wanted to know the amazing history of video games, how they started, big brand producers of consoles and the smaller consoles/arcade systems over the long years? Also, have you ever wondered about how the consoles worked? Did you know that they never even sold discs at the beginning just a programmed game console! If no than my informational text would be categorized for you.
For the start of video games it wasn’t too bad. Quality was not the best for the start of the generations. The First person to make a so called “game system” was Ralph Baer and it was called Pong it was more like a HUGE arcade game but still, it is a system. That was the first ever game system ever made and it all started generation one! One cool thing about this generation was that all were made by the same person Ralph Baer and he made “The Brown Box” it was the first gaming system! That was the end of generation one contributing to the next generation.
The long Generation 2 was the start of Bits and the first one was 8-bits. These were not even detailed but it is a game. This generation included a lot more popular more balanced games such as: Fairchild, 1292 advanced programmable video system, VC4000, Arcadia 2001, Magnavox Odyssey, and the Intellivision. Although there are many Arcadia and Odyssey systems there are many things about the Odyssey Systems. One really cool thing about it is it is made by Americans! It changed how we make our games instead of just buying it. One of the first color game made by the U.S. is the Odyssey 500 the first American made game with colors and the Odyssey 300 was the first game made by us with a GI chip. That would not have been possible if generation one happened but let’s see what happens in generation 3.
Generation 3 was the end of popular 8-bits to 16-bits. Now these awesome games were more detailed and more realistic. In this generation the more popular games were: PlayStation, The Master System, and the Atari 7800. Although these game systems weren’t the most popular the PlayStation came out popular. The one thing this generation changed was that NES was created. That is what happened in this generation 3 to shape the next generation 4.

Generation 4 was mainly the exact as the last generation (still 16-bit) but, Sonic the Hedgehog was created and SNK, although their games aren’t the best they still have some good ones scattered along. But there were some popular Mario games made this age group. This is what happened in generation 4 to make up the next generation 5.

Generation 5 was a good generation that had 32 and 64-bit games (and consoles that weren’t just programmed)...

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