Video Voyeurism Essay

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Imagine every move that is made being watched. There is a strong possibility that people are not alone within their living quarters. What is perceived to be private may not be so concealed. Many times women and children are unaware they are being watched and recorded while changing their clothes, showering, attending to bodily functions, or in moments of sexual intimacy. Hidden cameras silently steal privacy. No matter where a person goes, it is possible he or she is being spied on. Anyone could be a victim of video voyeurism. In a world of rapidly growing technology, it has become increasingly easier for "peeping toms" to visually stalk their victims through video voyeurism.In 1999, in the state of Louisiana, Susan Wilson became a victim of video voyeurism. Susan began to see her next-door neighbor so often that she considered the possibility that he was spying on her. After feeling uneasy about her neighbor, she decided to break into his home and investigate. The woman found piles of video tapes of herself. The videotapes included footage of her and her husband having sex, her in the shower, and many other intimate moments. She was in horror to see her bedroom on his computer screen. Susan Wilson ransacked through her home to discover several cameras positioned throughout her house. When she presented the authorities with the information, she learned that a law against video voyeurism did not exist. In fact, video voyeurism was not even considered a crime. Her stalker was faced with only minor consequences dealing with unauthorized entry into her home. Therefore, Wilson became a video voyeurism activist and went on a crusade to expose this scandalous activity.Susan Wilson's strong opinions toward this invasion of privacy caused her to address lawmakers. She convinced Louisiana to pass strict laws against video voyeurism. Louisiana's law states that "No person may perform any acts that would make him a Peeping Tom while on or about another person's property. Nor can any person go upon such person's premises for the purpose of becoming a Peeping Tom. A Peeping Tom is one who peeps through windows, doors, or other like places on someone else's property to spy or invade that person's privacy without consent"("Video Voyeurs"). Only eighteen states besides Louisiana have adopted laws against video voyeurism. Many of those state's laws are not near as broad in scope as Louisiana's law. Connecticut only "prohibits video surveillance in employee locker rooms and restrooms" while New York only "prohibits concealed cameras in fitting rooms" ("Video...

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