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Videogames Don't Have A Negative Effect On Kids

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Videogames Don't Have a Negative Effect on Kids

There are many things that today’s society worries about; television, role models, etc. The biggest ones are those that affect the children. One that many people overlook is video games, a national past time in almost every home. It is clear that they can cause changes in children, but are the changes good or bad? Do video games have a negative effect on kids?

Personally, I felt there was nothing wrong with video games. I play them for fourteen hours or more a week, and I’ve been doing “fine” in life. I made it to a fine college, I learned unique words when I was young, and I even won prizes in some video game contests. I still have that Star Fox t-shirt even to today. Still, I wanted more than just my input before coming to a conclusion.

There are hundreds of ways to get information, and the internet is not a reliable one, yet I still rummaged through it. At first, I merely found commentaries and opinions from people that were quite biased. In fact, most of them were trying to get me to buy what they were talking about, whether it was a new game or even a phone.

However, after a few hours, I struck gold. Studies have been done on video games before, but unless the children are in a controlled environment from birth, it is nearly impossible to find how video games truly affect people. Many of the independent researchers produced the same results that while placing an action game the child’s testosterone levels rose, along with heartbeat and breathing patterns. The same pattern is found in a person when involved in a fight, usually with adrenaline running through them, or when a person is doing an intense workout at the gym. This research can be taken in many ways, but it does prove one thing; kids become used to excitement. Suddenly, school becomes unbearably boring, and children are sometimes accused of having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

In “Electronic Gaming Monthly,” there was an article that explained the top five negative aspects of videogames. Isolation: people can become obsessed over a videogame. Shawn Woolley, a young fan of the popular Everquest, committed due to bankruptcy. The game makes you pay-as-you-play, and he played too much. Addiction: people have been known to “forego work, relationships, and even food for the sake of their online play.” Physical problems: many of today’s games have vibrating controllers to give a more interactive feeling. A 15 year-old kid developed “hand-arm vibration syndrome,” burning sensations and inflammation in the hands and arms, due to playing on his Playstation too much. Violence: Senator Joseph Lieberman ran a campaign against Mortal Kombat due to its “spine-ripping gore.” Even Captain Kangaroo was brought in, explaining that videogames teach lessons to kids that would cause a parent to faint. Violence numbing: when a child plays a violent videogame, the terrible news in today’s world barely faze them...

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