Videos And Games As Language Learning Methods

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Esin Merdan
Res. Assist. Emrah Atasoy
IED 134 Research Techniques

Videos and Games as Language Learning Methods
In today’s conditions, learning at least one foreign language is a must-do in order to get a good job, communicate with foreigners, learn the world better, and many other reasons. Thanks to developments of technology and media there are a lot of ways to learn languages. Online websites, mobile applications, multimedia language courses are some of these methods.
Online websites are one of the language learning methods. They provide online language courses with visual, auditory, writing and speaking exercises. Some of them also has chatbox feature which makes the users communicate with native speakers and develop their language skills effeciently. However, most of these websites require to get a premium membership, and free features are limited. That is why it isn’t a useful method for those who want to learn languages without paying any fee.
Using mobile applications is a new method that has been developing recently. Thanks to the invention of smartphones, it is possible to use mobile phones with loading mobile applications. These applications can be in every genre, including language learning. That is why it can be counted as a kind of language learning methods. They provide the same features as online websites, because most of them are developed by those websites. But it is a better method to use because not all of them are limited to use and completely free applications can be found when searched carefully. Also, differently from websites, they can be used offline as well. These applications are a lifesaver for those who are busy and have enough time neither to go language courses nor use online websites. They can be used everywhere, everytime. For example, people can do foreign language exercises from mobile phone when they are stuck in the middle of traffic. This way they can learn the languages that they want, and use their time effeciently instead of wasting it. It is a win-win situation, therefore mobile applications are very useful as a language learning method.
Multimedia language courses are another method of learning languages. They are given by instructors or teachers at schools. They provide speaking, writing, listering, reading exercises. Other than these, they can also provide social features if these courses are studied abroad. Even though this method seems very useful, due to the expensive fee and obligatory attendance to each course, it is not.
Although previous methods are contributive and supportive language learning methods, this research mainly focuses on watching videos and playing games as language learning methods and argues that they are contributive in visual, auditory, vocabulary, writing, cultural, social and intellectual aspects.
Watching videos is a term which includes movies, catoons and any other kind of videos that are helpful to learn foreign languages. If a video has subtitles...

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