Videos Sending The Wrong Message About Muslims Of The World

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The “Somewhere in America #Mipsterz” video is a video posted on YouTube highlighting trendy, fashionable, hijabi Muslim women. This video sparked controversy within the Muslim community for various reasons, ranging from the women’s clothing, actions, and the hip-hop music the video was set to. This is evidenced by the many articles written and posted online in response to it. Some of these articles include Sana Saaed’s “Somewhere in America, Muslim Women Are ‘Cool’”, Rabia Chaudry’s “Somewhere on the Internet, Muslim Women are being Shamed”, Aminah Sheikh’s “Why I Participated in the ‘Somewhere in America’ #Mipsterz Video”, and Yasmine Hafiz’s “Why Islam Needs More ‘Mipsterz’”. These ...view middle of the document...

Sana states that this video is the “textbook objectification” that Muslims are supposed to avoid.
Those in favor of the video’s message generally call for an open mind within the Muslim American comminuty. They each talk about diversity within Islam and point out that there are many ways to be a Muslim, so it is unfair to judge these women based on their opinion of how Muslim women should present themselves in public.
Rabia Chaudry, in her “Somewhere on the Internet, Muslim Women are being Shamed” article, disagrees with Sana’s article and doesn’t see how the “#Mipsterz” video is harmful to Muslim culture. She feels that these young Muslim women are being overanalyzed and “brutally examined” to the point that it’s promoting the downfall of the Muslim community. While Sana, in her “Somewhere in America, Muslim Women Are ‘Cool”’ article, essentially states that obsessing over trying to appear more American is awful, Rabia Chaudry states that it’s awful for people to accuse them of being too American. She feels that there is currently a big problem within the Muslim community: that it is acceptable to publicly humiliate Muslim girls whenever it could be judged that they are not following Islam correctly. She encourages these women to stay proud Muslims even though other Muslims are shaming them.
Aminah Sheikh’s article, “Why I Participated in the ‘Somewhere in America’ #Mipsterz Video”, is especially worth noting because it is a firsthand account of what it was like being a part of this controversial video. Overall, Aminah had an overwhelmingly positive experience. She felt comfortable because she was surrounded by “like-minded hijabis”. She first reveals her back story, where she was previously yearning for someone she could relate to in this Western world...

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