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Taking A Closer Look At Vietnamese Culture

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The Vietnamese culture is one that is complex, from the years of war until today where the country, its culture and economy is booming. Vietnam has had its ups and it downs, but the country’s ability to recover and rebuild is important and has played a significant part with where they stand today. Let’s get into the complex meaning of culture and then explore Vietnam and its culture.
If you search the word culture, there are various meanings that will arise. Culture is the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action ( website). There are eight major characteristics of culture. This paper will elaborate on five of them that I believe are the more important ones. These five are; its social, it’s shared, it’s learnt, it’s transmissive, and it’s dynamic.
The first characteristic of culture that is the most important is that culture is social. Social interaction is a key part with this characteristic. No single individual can acquire culture on their own. The characteristic of its social is a catch all characteristic. Without the characteristic of its social, none of the other characteristics really mean anything. (Ajay Bhatt)
The next characteristic of culture is shared. No single individual can possess culture. Culture is something that is shared such as beliefs, values, morals and traditions. As a person gets older,
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all aspects of culture are shared and or learned. You don’t just wake up one day and know everything. It’s in how a person is raised. Knowing what culture is, is from it being shared by being social. (Ajay Bhatt)
Culture is learned, and that is the next characteristic. Nobody is born with the knowledge of their or any other culture. When you think about an earlier statement in this paper, you have to have social interaction in order to learn in general and about any culture. The information has to be shared with you in order to learn about it. (Ajay Bhatt)
Culture goes from one generation to another. This is how culture is transmissive, if it wasn’t for the earlier generations that passed information down to the newer generations, than they would have no clue. Language in a different form makes it possible for the newer generations to understand the achievements and construction of the earlier culture.” Earlier culture”, means that there is no culture that is unchanged. (Ajay Bhatt)
Culture is an extremely dynamic element of life. Culture is always changing and responding to the change of the physical world. It may be a slow constant change, but realise that there is a change. Culture is responsiveness (Ajay Bhatt). The culture of Vietnam has every one of these characteristics.
Many cultures have common characteristics. Common characteristics of culture include, land,...

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