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Vietnam: The Perfect Vacation Place! Essay

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  Vietnam is one of those countries which beauty cannot be comprehended without ever visiting it. Not much about the country is well known except for its famous noodles the “Pho.” For example, only a few people know that the country broke off from the Chinese empire in 938AD. As a result some of the Vietnamese culture are of Chinese origins. The local culture revolves around the belief of humanity and harmony which makes them pleasant to be around. However, like other Southeast Asian countries Vietnam has a few issues considering safety in different aspects of the country, such as food and transportation. Regardless of these slight safety issues, Vietnam is certainly a family destination that should be not taken off the bucket list.
  While visiting a foreign country, safety is one of the most important factors to be considered. Fortunately, for all those “Pho craving tourists” Vietnam is a relatively safe country to visit. Even though crimes do exist in Vietnam, the crime rates are only as high as other Southeast Asian countries. The chances of encountering violent crimes are present but are very low. Petty crimes, sadly, has a higher chance of happening, especially in tourists sites, but this is also the case in other tourist destinations in the world, even Italy. In addition, “Vietnam has a high degree of political and social stability.”(Vietnam Travel Safety, n.d.) Undeterred by the country’s crime rates, Vietnam’s government is ruled by one dominant party which help holds the integrity of the government. The only opposing group to the ruling party is a small and insignificant one. Stability in the government is caused by having one dominant party, therefore, It is very unlikely for someone to be caught in an insurgency.(Vietnam Travel Safety, n.d.) The country is definitely a safe choice for a summer holiday vacation. To add to the political stability, the loving nature of the people makes crime rates lower without having to utilize extreme laws.
  The loving and caring people of Vietnam are responsible for making Vietnam a safe and an extremely busy tourist destination. Life is more important than anything for a Vietnamese. "A man alive is worth more than a pile of gold." ( Attitude toward the self, n.d.) They are people who cares immensely about their family and does not do something out of the need of only him or herself but for their family and the people around them. “Anything a Vietnamese does, he does out of consideration for the welfare of the family, rather than for himself alone.”( Attitude toward the self, n.d.)The locals aim to do things to a moderation and to avoid the extremes. To have these values set as a base of their conscience encourages them to think twice before committing a crime, specifically a crime that involves hurting or even killing another human being. However, safety is not the only thing is guaranteed by the nature of the locals. The loving and caring nature of these people makes them pleasant to...

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