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Vietnam Cultural Awareness Essay

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and rice related dishes. Using chopsticks is also an indispensable cultural feature of Vietnam’s custom.
The meal for most of the Vietnamese family include Individual bowls of rice, Boiled, grilled, steamed and fried meat or fish or some seafood dish, stir-fried steamed or raw vegetable dish and Vietnamese-style soup with Prepared soy sauce and fish sauce for dipping purposes.
All dishes apart from the individual bowls of rice are communal and to be shared.
Northern Vietnamese cuisine is not bold in any particular flavor - sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, or sour. Most Northern Vietnamese foods feature a light and balanced flavor that result from subtle combinations of many different ...view middle of the document...

Chili peppers and shrimp sauces are commonly used ingredients.
Foods in Southern Vietnam are often vibrant and flavorful with liberal uses of garlic, shallots, and fresh herbs(VR1). Foods more than in the other regions add sugar regularly. The preference in the south leans toward sweetness through the widespread use of coconut milk in most of that regions cuisine. Vast shorelines make seafood a natural staple for people in this region. Southern Vietnam has been influenced the most from foreign cuisines the most prominent being Chinese, Indian, French, and Thai. The simplicity in Vietnamese cuisine and the fresh ingredients used keep the growing and continuing interest in America.
Vietnam is a densely populated developing country that is reaffirming their commitment to economic modernization in recent years. Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in January 2007, which has promoted more competitive, export-driven industries. Vietnam became an official negotiating partner in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement in 2010(CIA1). Poverty has declined significantly, and Vietnam is working to create jobs to meet the challenge of a labor force that is consistently growing by more than one million people every year. The global recession hurt Vietnam's export-oriented economy, with the population growing at five percent yearly. Exports have recently increased; several administrative actions brought the trade deficit back into balance. Vietnam's managed currency, the dong in recent years was devalued in excess of a fifth of its value but remained relatively stable as of late and shows no sign of it decreasing any time soon.

Although Vietnam unveiled a broad, "three pillar" economic reform program in early 2012, proposing the restructuring of public investment, state-owned enterprises, and the banking sector, little perceptible progress made. Vietnam's economy continues to face challenges from an undercapitalized banking sector. Non-performing loans weigh heavily on banks and businesses(CIA1).
Diverse cultural traditions, geographies, and historical events have created distinct regions within the country. Ethnic and rural Vietnamese generally occupied the lowlands of Vietnam. The highlands are home to smaller and numerous ethnic groups that differ culturally and linguistically from the Vietnamese most being from nearby countries. The people of Vietnam have long made a distinction between the northern region with Hanoi as its urban center, the central region and its capital at Hue, and the southern region centering on Saigon.
Religion in Vietnam historically largely defined by the East Asian mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, known as or "triple religion”(Guile, Melanie). Practice of Catholicism in modern Vietnam has seen a rise. Vietnamese Buddhism has typically been the most popular even becoming a tourist attraction to the majority of western tourists. This fits perfectly with the "triple religion"...

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