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Vietnam Was The Result Of American Alliance For Future Security Insurance Rather Than A Response To The Threat Of Communism From The North.

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Kate FitzpatrickYear 12 Modern HistoryMs SteeleDue Date: 12/6/2008Date handed in: 12/6/2008Number of words: 1735 (inc quotes)Hypothesis:Vietnam was the result of American alliance for future security insurance rather than a response to the threat of communism from the North. Australia and the Vietnam WarWhen Sir Robert Menzies announced that Australia was committing an infantry battalion for service in Vietnam on April 29 1965, he provided very vague and ambiguous reasoning which the population of Australia misunderstood, criticised and misrepresented. To this day, confusion as to the exact circumstances of Australia's entering the war still remains. However through analysing Australia's foreign policy, political alliances, relevant treaties, the domino theory and other democratic influences, it is evident that Australia's involvement in Vietnam was a consequence of our alliance with the US to guarantee our future national security rather than a response to the threat of communism from the North. Alliances are based on the concept of acting in the common interest, of bringing common assets to bear against a common enemy or potential enemy (Sexton, 1981). This was a founding basis in our union with America, which developed further through our common values, commitment to democracy and linguistic similarities. This cultural affinity we shared induced the Australian government into adopting an 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine' outlook regarding military support.However the Americans were not our original 'great and powerful friend'. Australian foreign policy has traditionally been wholly reliant on Great Britain, 'The Mother Country' since our colonisation. But in WWII when the impending Japanese invasion was imminent, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill responded to our request for military assistance by demanding Australian troops in Burma, despite Australian's own regional and national security being in jeopardy. Newly elected Labor Prime Minister John Curtin broke our conventional ties and revealed our new alliance in his New Year's message of 1941. "Australia looks to America, free from any pangs to our traditional links or kinship with the United Kingdom." (Haugen, 2002) This advantaged Australia as the USA was the most technologically advanced, powerful and influential nation in the world at that time, and after the collapse of the British Empire and loss of Singapore, developing our budding coalition with them became an imperative priority. In 1956, Australian External Minister Richard Casey speculated that Australia should attempt '…everything possible to attract American interest down to the South West Pacific and Australia' (Cook, Manning, 1999). Eight years later in 1964, Australian Ambassador to the US Alan Renouf reiterated the importance and objects of our new great and powerful friends. 'Our objective should be…to achieve such a habitual closeness of relations with the US and sense of mutual alliance...

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