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Vietnamization And It's Lasting Effects On South Vietnam And It's Fall

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OutlineI. BackgroundA. IntroductionB. Vietnam -- two separate countries1. French Control2. Viet Minh Revolt3. Creation of North and South VietnamC. America's objectives in South VietnamD. Vietnam's armiesII. VietnamizationA. Beginnings of VietnamizationB. Research of possible withdrawalC. Decision to withdraw1. began in early 1969III. American Withdrawal and South Vietnamese BuildupA. Short historyB. Advisor and troop reductionsC. Combat assistance team reductionsD. South Vietnamese buildupE. South Vietnamese military additions in 1972IV. The Fall of VietnamA. Easter OffensiveB. Ceasefire1. Goes in to effect on January 28, 1973C. Break of the cease fire and North Vietnamese offensive of December,1973D. Final offensive in 1975E. Resignation of President ThieuF. General Minh assumes the PresidencyG. Minh fails in negotiationsH. Minh gives in to all North Vietnamese demandsV. ConclusionsBackgroundVietnam was a country that was far removed from the American people until their history and ours became forever interlinked in what has come to be known as the Vietnam conflict. It is a classic story of good guys versus bad, communism versus freedom, and a constant struggle for stability. Americas attempt to aid the cause of freedom was a valid one, but one that ended up with South Vietnam being dependent upon us for its very life as a nation. 'Vietnamization' was the name for the plan to allow South Vietnam to stand on its own, and ended in leaving a country totally on its own, unable to stand and fight.Vietnam was a French territory until the Viet Minh insurgency of the late 1940's and through 1954. Although regarding this uprising as part of a larger Communist conspiracy, Americans were not unsympathetic to Vietnamese aspirations for national independence. The ensueing defeat of the French brought an end to the first stage of what was to be a thirty year struggle.The Indochina ceasefire agreement (Geneva Accords) of July 21, 1954 led to the creation of seperate states in Laos and Cambodia, and the artificial division of Vietnam into two republics. In the North the Communist Viet Minh established the democratic of Vietnam, and in the south a random collection of non - Communist factions, led by Ngo Dinh Diem, formed the Republic of Vietnam. The general elections provided for by the agreement never took place, and the two states quickly drew apart. The United States immediatly threw its support behind the southern regime and extended military aid through a Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) under the command of Lt. General John W. O'Daniel.American objectives in South Vietnam were reletively simple and remained so -- the establishment and preservation of a non - Communist government in South Vietnam. Initally, the most pressing problem was the weakness of the Saigon government and the danger of cival war between South Vietnam's armed religious and political factions. Diem, however, acting as a kind of benevolent dictator, managed to put a working...

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