View Against Simple View Of Happiness

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Philosophy Essay Happiness is a very subjective emotion that human beings exhibit. There are a whole host of reasons and factors contributing to the happiness of a person. Philosopher John Kekes puts forward in his novel The Examined Life, "˜the simple view of happiness.' Simply stated, he believes that happiness is made up of a collection of episodes that form an attitude. The attitude in general is what Kekes is concerned with and what his argument flows from. I shall argue that the satisfaction of a want does indeed lead to happiness even if the happiness is short lived. I also hope to show that in order to achieve happiness one must, as Kekes suggests, be satisfied with ones life.Kekes puts forward the premise that there is more to happiness then just a collection of happy events. He stresses that there is an overall attitude that one must achieve in order to say that a happy life is theirs. He goes on to say, "the connection between satisfying episodes and an attitude of satisfaction with our lives is not simply that if we do and have what we want, then we are happy." I think the point that Kekes makes here is not valid. I would argue that if we do and have what we want we are in fact happy. I do not want to over simplify my justification for the position that I take but why would someone want something that wouldn't make him or her happy? Kekes has stated in his paper that it is a mistake to assume that the satisfaction of our wants assures happiness. I do not think that he is correct. If someone desires something, they are doing so because they think that specific desire will bring them some level of utility. The end result might not be favourable but the intent of the desire was to bring some form of happiness and the achievement of this...

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