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View Of The Cell. Essay

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Chapter 7: A View Of The CellCh. 7.1 The Discovery of CellsThe History of the Cell Theory-Before microscopes disease thought to come from supernatural meansCells- the basic unit of living organismsDevelopment of light microscopes-Simple microscopes vs. compoundCompound light microscopes- a series of lenses to magnify objects in steps, magnify up to 1,500 timesThe Cell Theory-Anton Van Leeuwenhoek- first person to record looking at water under a microscope.Robert Hooke- viewed cork, gave us the name "cells"Matthias Schleiden- concluded that all plants are composed of cellsTheodore Schwann- concluded that all animals are composed of cells1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells2. The cell is the basic unit of organization of organisms3. All cells come from preexisting cellsDevelopment of electron microscopesElectron microscopes- uses a beam of electrons instead of light to magnify structures up to 500,000times1. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)- scans the surface to show 3D surface images2. Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)- allows us to see inside cells3. Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)- investigates atoms on the surface of a molecule4. Staining, other techniques for contrastTwo Basic Cell Types-- Prokaryotes- organisms made of cells that lack membrane bound organelles- Eukaryotes- organisms made of cells with membrane bound organelles, multicellular plants & animals- Organelles- membrane bound structures with in a eukaryotic cell* Membrane separates chemical reactions* Robert Brown- observed nucleus* Rudolf Virchow- determined nucleus is structure responsible for cell division* Nucleus- central membrane-bound organelle that manages cellular functionsCh. 7.2 The Plasma MembraneProvides a barrier between the internal components of a cell and its external environment.Maintaining a Balance-Survival depends on the cell's ability to maintain the proper conditions within itself.Why cells must control materialsCells need nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, and lipidsPlasma membrane- the boundary between the cell and its environment, to allow a steady supply of nutrients to enter the cell regardless of external conditions.Too much of something, membrane removes it example: ions, wasteHomeostasis- the process of maintaining the cell's environmentSelective permeabality- allows some molecules into the cell while keeping others out.Water freely enters, sodium and calcium ions controlledStructure of the Plasma Membrane-lipids are insoluble moleculesPlasma membrane is a phospholipid bilayer: glycerol backbone, two fatty acid chains, a phosphate groupPhospholipid- lipids with a phosphate groupMakeup of the phospholipid bilayer-Fatty acid tails- nonpolar, head of phosphate is polarTails are hydrophobic, heads are hydrophilic- this forms the barrierFluid Mosaic Model- membrane is flexible, proteins and phospholipids move about the membraneOther components of the plasma membrane-Cholesterols- stabilize phospholipids & keep fatty...

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