Viewing Politics And Government As A United States Citizen

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Born and raised in support of our national government, my recent interest in the way our great nation is governed began in the classroom. I found my American Government class to be quite interesting and the Bush and Clinton scandals only increased my interest in American politics. Ever since, I have a strong belief in our government and will support it throughout my life. I always keep up with the events in Washington and follow today's issues very closely. Since the war began, MSNBC has been on in my room. I am a proud American citizen and would choose no other country to be from. I come from a home where we keep the flag present and raised to remind us of the people that gave their lives for us. Freedom is not something to be overlooked; our independences should not be taken for granted; and our government should continue making this land the great nation it is.I believe in our American politics, our science and art of government. I believe that government is necessary. Born as an American, individual rights are given at birth to guarantee life, liberty, and happiness. We can express individualism. America offers equality to all citizens. I feel that, without government, there would be total chaos among the population. It would be like the old West, where law and order barely existed. People would go around killing and stealing, never worrying about any consequences for their actions. People would solve their problems with guns and knives, having public shootouts where criminals and innocent alike would be gunned down in violent disarray. This is not what the people really wanted. Another example is Iraq, once the government fell, there was mass chaos. People where looting banks and stores, stealing anything they could. This is because of the fact that there was no government. Once law and order is established people will be safer and happier.Democracy is a form a government where the people rule through elected representatives. America is a country governed by its people. Democracy is based on political sovereignty, meaning that there is no higher power then the people. This shows that people are only truly free when they live in a society under there own laws thus creating structure and order in a society (Barbour 9).Democracy is what keeps order in a society. People need to be governed and people want to be governed. They want law and order and to be part of a political system such as a democracy. Government is what makes society a better place. Lack of government would mean lack of law and order, which would lead to evil. Government is what keeps evil out of society. Democracy is the ultimate way to be governed.An example of a type of government that does not work is communism. Karl Marx started communism in Russia. He forced people to conform out of fear. People were told how to act and how to think. This is no way to live. In today's society, communism is not a prevalent form of government. When closely looking at the facts, communism is...

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