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Opinions and Views In our present day society a question of life has been left unanswered. Every day young individuals are not given the chance to live, and to some, it is justified. To others, this justification is poorly met. Abortions are conducted or not conducted depending on the opinion an individual holds. The opinions are usually classified as pro-life and pro-choice. Within these opinions are ethical and medical beliefs that attribute to both. At times an individual may not classify themselves as one or the other, and decide to hold their own ethical or medical standpoints. Whatever the case may be, millions of women each day make a choice of abortion and the statistics are rising. A reported forty million abortions were recorded from 1973 through 1998, and this is simply from those who chose to report them. They do not include the millions of women who seek the aid of private clinics. Many have tried to pass laws dealing with abortions yet it doesn't seem to have effect on the aborting mother for it is thought that "abortion is exclusively a women's issue to be decided by women" (Butler.347). All abortions conducted are done so because of an individual's belief, whether it is pro-life, pro-choice, or a personal medical or ethical belief, to the individual it seems to be the best choice, no matter what statistics or medical research is introduced.In the United States, the pro-life and pro-choice movements are both powerful and active. Pro-life groups are particularly active at the state level and have successfully influenced legislators and governors in to creating many laws that restrict abortion. Many laws have been ineffectual; they are so broadly worded that they are usually declared unconstitutional shortly after having been signed into law. Those laws that survive are not particularly effective; they often merely have the effect of deflect abortion seekers to nearby states. Approval of the drug RU-486 will forever change abortion in America. Doctors will be able to prescribe the pills and women may be able to take the pill at their homes. Rural women will not have to drive long distances to abortion clinics; women will not have to run the gauntlet of abortion protestors. At this time, compromise between pro-life and pro-choice supporters appears to be impossible.The Pro-life movement generally argues that "life becomes human life at the instant of conception"(Butler.249), when a unique DNA is created. A single-celled, just fertilized ovum is simply what a human being looks like at the start of its life. A pro-life individual thus considers any intentional termination of the developing process from conception to birth, to be a form of homicide. They argue that abortion is profoundly immoral, and should be outlawed. To some, abortions would be outlawed under all conditions, even if it were necessary to save the life of the woman. Many would permit an abortion if the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest, and some would make...

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