Views On After School Programs For Kids

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After school programs are several prearranged course of study which request the participation or presence of the students to be involved in an occurring, encountered, experienced and observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure outside the classroom programs. However, such programs are implemented by tertiary institutions while some are outwardly financed by non-profit or an organization relating to commercialism.
Consequently, the after school programs take place in either the school premises or within the community, for example the community hall, recreational park, playing ground etc.
Nevertheless, the activities are the fundamental assumptions from which the program is begun, developed, calculated or explained in a parental approach which is patent by the effort of the parents to cultivate the youth’s talents through pre-arranged free time activities, thereby affording the youths with knowledge of the ability to lead and the act of transacting within or between adults (Mahoney, Larson, and Eccles 45). However, to so extreme a degree the children are thought by advocates to be more productive and fortunate later in life. On the other hand others believe excessive activities to give evidence of over parenting.
This research paper substantiates and proposes that the board of education with the town of Cheshire CT should offer more after school programs free of charge to kids from 1st grade - 8th grades due to the impact that the program has on the children in a positive way and how it helps out the parents.
The research carried out in Connecticut showed that of the 622,445 school-age children in the state, 172,417 children are responsible for taking care of themselves, while the other 112,663 children in the state participate in the after-school program and the last batch of 168,228 children would like to participate in the program if only there was a free program of such (Afterschool alliance, America After 3pm, 2009).
Further research on why the children does not involve in after school programs in the state shows that due to the parents financial instability and the high rate being charged by most of the profit-making organisations. In line with this Christopher Dodd, a member of the U.S. Senate quoted that “the average parents misses eight work days in a year because of the absence of after school program……therefore developing after school program is not just a good investment, but a smart investment”. With such quotes from a notable citizen the educational board is urged to implement a free after...

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