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Perspectives On Homosexuality Essay

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Homosexuality has always played a huge role in society. Views on this topic have changed immensely from the beginning of the greece era to now in modern society. People have become more appalled with this topic because now in society there are stereotypical views on “normal” ways of living. Religious views have also impacted people's decisions and thoughts about it.
It was said that in the Greek millenium “ .. male attachments are presented in an honorific light, through there were always some skeptics. But for many biographers, for man not to have had a male lover seems to have bespoken a lack of character or a deficiency in sensibility.” Homosexuality was accepted and even encouraged, it was seen as very manly and noble. Men would gain acceptance throughout their society if the were known to have been with a male lover. Many philosophers such as Plato, believed homosexuality was acceptable. He wrote that he understood other philosophers views on this topic but did not completely agree with their views. He himself was Gay which changed his philosophy about it, he would write from his perspective of it. In Greek society young men were encouraged to be with older men so they could learn from them, and then in the future could help guide other young men. This philosophy of guiding younger men was so that the society around them could appear as a stronger and well put together community.
Like I said before, Each man in the relationship had a different role “The older man was called the erastes or lover. Ideally, it was his duty to be the boy’s teacher and protector and serve as a model of courage, virtue, and wisdom..” and then there was the younger man “.. eromenos, whose attraction lay in his beauty, his youth, and his promise of future moral, intellectual, and physical excellence.” Older men were suppose to teach the younger men on how to be noble and feel powerful. The younger men were able to leave their lovers once the older men believed they were trained enough. Not only was homosexuality seen as a courageous thing in society but it was encouraged through many different forms.
Many poets such as Theognis, Archilochos and Alcaios devoted a large part of their carriers to love young men. They expressed themselves through whatever their artistic carrier may have been. For example, if they were poets they would write about the start to the end of their relationship; showing the progress of the relationship. “Homosexuality was then accepted in art and social life.” It was a very common thing for Artists to express homosexuality through their work. Artists would try to link relationships from start to end to give the reader a perspective on how the relationship went. In Ancient Greek many artist would paint a story of the relationship on pottery. Other than society accepting it and having it be accepted through art forms, being a homosexual in Ancient Greece came with many benefits.
Men were seen with more acceptance, they had more power in...

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