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Vimy Ridge: Canada Defines Itself Through Its Military Achievement This History Essay Was Also Restricted In Length

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The battle of Vimy Ridge saw General Arthur Currie thoroughly prepare his Canadian troops. Currie understood the necessity of victory in this battle; therefore, he treated it with anunparalleled degree of seriousness. Previously, few Allied Generals recognized the need for thorough preparation when planning an attack. Currie changed this view by proving his technique greatly improved a regiment's chances for success.Vimy Ridge protected the important industrial area around Lille. The highest summit, known as Hill 145, was at the northern end. A more southerly height was called Hill 135. From the latter, the ridge broadened and sloped gradually to the southwest and south, until it reached the upper reaches of the Scarpe River. Its eastern slope dropped sharply to the Douai plain. To the north, Hill 120 overlooked the smaller Souchez River. The terrain was treacherous, making defence of this stronghold a much more practical endeavour than attacking it.The Canadian Corps were commanded by General Arthur Currie. His preparations were based on a plan of operations dated January 31, 1917. Capture of the main crest, Hill 135, and the village of Thelus, were the objectives of a first operation; if this first operation proved to be successful, the "Pimple" and Bois en Hache were to be assaulted 24 hours later in a separate operation. Thoroughness was the keynote of preparations. The German defences were reproduced in full-scale detail from aerial photographs, with tapes to mark trenches and flags to mark strong points. Using this full-scale , repeated rehearsals of...

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Influence of the Battle of Vimy Ridge on Canada

1705 words - 7 pages respect from other countries. The Canadian Army, who was new to war gained self-confidence after their victory at Vimy Ridge. Canada gained its confidence through their first victory as a result of national unity. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time where all four divisions of the Canadian Army participated in one battle by working together. This gave the Canadian Army self-confidence because they were now aware of their ability to fight

Canadian Confederation 1867: Canada Becomes a Nation I failed to express earlier, that I was restricted to a one-page essay for each of these history essays

534 words - 2 pages opportunity to solve the problems that were plaguing its provinces for decades: religious differences, political instability, economic stagnation, and de-centralized military weakness. Confederation was one of the most prominent defining moments in Canadian history, because it provided Canada its beginning. Every individual knows that without a beginning, there can be no story.

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Canada's struggle for a National Identity: This essay argues that the Canadian's discovered their national identity as a result of WWI's battle of Vimy Ridge

1268 words - 5 pages still to this day boasts over the victory at Vimy Ridge, a victory that not only helped the allies to win the war, but also a victory that gave Canadians a sense of themselves, a feeling of importance, as the world finally realized that Canada was more that what she seemed.In conclusion, it has been difficult for Canadians to obtain a sense of national identity when her past identifies her as nothing more than a British colony; however, most

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1691 words - 7 pages in the Great War, World War II, the Korean War and their many peacekeeping missions. Canada’s world power first came into existence when they became involved in the Great War; this gave them recognition and with that they began to have major influences in the world. The following paragraphs will elaborate on how Canada developed its military and peace keeping abilities to gain recognition on the world’s center stage. Canada’s first

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875 words - 4 pages preparations for defensive warfare, these measures irritated the republicans. Adams still held to his policy of peace and preparedness even after the French Directory insulted American envoys and began detaining American vessels. In January 1798 he proposed the creation of a navy department and asked for funds to put the military on war footing.Four bills to control subversion the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 were also passed during this time. The

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1364 words - 5 pages Transformation PAGE 6 AbstractThe US Army has gone through many transformations in the centuries past in order to posture itself to meet changing requirements. With the changes in the modern day battlefield, many have seen a need to integrate the active Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve to build a unified, rapid response, and self-supporting fighting force. One man has seen the future and started the US Army on this journey of

This essay was written about anti-americanism and its reasons

1811 words - 7 pages traditional ally in order to form closer relations with the Middle East, the most significant reason is France's ambition to restore its former imperial glory.One of the most influential means used by France to turn Europe toward the Middle East was anti-Americanism. This ideology has a long history in France, beginning with the Monroe Doctrine. This Doctrine, announced on December 2, 1823, proclaimed that European countries would no longer colonize or

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This is a college essay I wrote, which was also for an English class. It was overwhelming for me so this might help some people. Good luck

513 words - 2 pages die for the things I have. Also, this year I was accepted into the Goffstown chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). To be eligible you must have, and maintain, a 90% cumulative grade average. Also, a select group of teachers look at your leadership, community service, extra curricular activities, and your character. Now that I am accepted I get to participate in many activities. This year I'll be volunteering at the local blood drive

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1169 words - 5 pages , and same training created a sort of home away from home atmosphere among the troops. Without a doubt in my mind this comfortable atmosphere and brotherhood amongst the troops couldn’t have been replicated when fighting with British soldiers under British command and most definitely let the Canadians take that extra step to victory. The Canadians military potential was always there but only until the battle of Vimy Ridge was it truly unleashed

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1317 words - 5 pages respect from other countries. The considerably new Canadian Army at the time, gained confidence after their victory at Vimy Ridge. Firstly, Canada gained its confidence through their first victory with all four divisions working as one. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time where all four divisions of the Canadian Army participated in one battle by working together. This gave the Canadian Army self-confidence because they were now aware of

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1037 words - 5 pages and many other countries. This was a huge step in Canadian history towards its unity and identity that quickly formed through Canada’s unprecedented victory at Vimy Ridge. As a result, Canadian residents were proud to be citizens of Canada creating loyalty and sacrifices for the nation’s welfare and bright future. Vimy Ridge was the first successful Canadian battle that outstand Canada as an individual nation. Through Vimy Ridge, Canada truly