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Vimy Ridge True Origin Of Canada

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World War One was a Canadian struggle for a respectable place on world stage. However, there were opportunities in Canadian history during the World War One that glorified Canada. Battle of Vimy Ridge was the most glorious Canadian battle that deserves the recognition of "True origin of Canada" as it recognized and identified Canada as a fierce-fighting nation on international scene. Although Vimy Ridge had some casualties, it unified Canadians with nationalism, recognized and earned Canada a place in World affairs as well as moved Canada towards its autonomy from British sovereignty creating and developing a new power in the world by the name of Canada.
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Secondly, General Arthur Currie’s Creeping barrage and splendid victory against German forces at Vimy Ridge identified Canada as a fierce fighting nation on international scene. This was the beginning of Canada’s involvement in world affairs that today makes each and every Canadian proud and patriotic towards Canada’s contribution in United Nations. Arthur Currie invented Creeping barrage for the very first time that brought amazing results to the battle and enriched Canadian contribution in war effort. In addition, Currie planned the battle thoroughly and involved soldiers to explain their role and position during the battle. These precautions were very necessary for Canada to retain its reputation from the failure at Somme. As a result, the thorough planning and Creeping Barrage collectively defeated and withdrawn the Germans in quick time at Vimy Ridge that brought international recognition to Canada as a powerful nation. Following Vimy Ridge, people around the world were introduced to a upcoming power named Canada. This was an essential factor in gaining Canada independence from British Sovereignty. Currie’s extraordinary contribution through thorough planning and invention of creeping barrage made Vimy Ridge a success that earned Canada reputation and recognition as a fierce fighting nation amongst the global powers.
Thirdly, Canada’s success at Vimy Ridge brought it into discussion among the world stage that earned Canada its Autonomy from British kingdom. Canada’s contribution to Britain in World War One through Vimy Ridge recognized it as a powerful nation ad signalled the development of a colony into a nation. In addition, victory at Vimy Ridge enriched Canadian effort and power allowed Canadian government to revolt against British rules and demanded for Canada’s independence. For example, in 1931, Statute of Westminster extended Canada’s independence providing it the right to make and pass laws. This was the prize for Canadian successes in World War One. In addition, in 1923, Canada won the right to sign its treaties which was a step for Canada towards its freedom. This proves that Canada was expanding and developing on world stage through staggering victory and power exhibition at Vimy Ridge that identified Canada...

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