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Vincent Price Voice Of Thiller Michael Jackson

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This is background information. Was used for the dance and chorographical piece in a drama class. May be useful to someone. Not an essay.Scary voice man: PriceBorn 1911; St Louis, Missouri.Died 1993Vincent Price is best remembered for his roles in horror movies, specifically theRoger Corman adaptations from Edger Allan Poe. Although these gave him a widevariety of characters to play and were striking enough, they type cast him for theremainder of his career. Price did not start out with the intentions of becoming anactor but rather an art historian. He obtained degrees in Art History and English atYale and then taught school for a year. He felt that he needed to further his educationthough as the students seemed to know more than he did! Price returned to college totake his Masters in Fine Arts at the Courtauld Institute in London, he also studiedbriefly in Vienna.It was while in London In 1934 that the theatre bug hit him, theatre tickets wererelatively cheap and Price took advantage of this. He first appeared as an actor at theGate Theatre, at the time a private experimental theater, as the judge and a policemanin the play "Chicago'. He also appeared here as Albert in 'Victoria Regina', the rolethat was to bring him to Broadway and the public's attention. The show's producerGilbert Miller, decided to take the play to New York and open with Hellen Hayes( the number one actress in America at the time), in the leading role. Miller alsodecided to take Vincent Price to New York to play opposite her. The play opened onthe 26th December 1935 and ran for three years.The programme notes in the original 1936 playbill give an interesting insight intoVincent Price's entrance to the theatrical profession...."Vincent Price's appearance as leading man to Helen Hayes marks his professional aswell as his American debut on the stage. This extraordinary circumstance is due to thefact that although Mr. Price has had stage aspirations since he was ten years old, hewas forced to earn his living as a schoolmaster until mere chance decreed otherwise.He was studying the history of German art at the Courtauld Institute in London whena friend took him to London's Gate Theater, where casting of Maurine Watkins'"Chicago" was in process. American accents being at a premium, Mr. Price wasthrust into the production and found himself doubling as a burly policeman and avenerable judge. His remarkable resemblance to Prince Albert led to his being offeredthe important role of the Price Consort in the ensuing production of "Victoria Regina".He received glowing notices and was subsequently signed by Gilbert Miller for theAmerican production."How accurate that "he was forced to earn his living as a schoolmaster until merechance decreed otherwise." is probably an exageration, his father did own theNational Candy Company in St Louis.Price's love of art never left him and he used his education to good advantage. Hewas...

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