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Violating The Fourth Amendment Rights Of Antoine Jones

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In this case, I am presenting an individual citizens Fourth Amendment protection captivated from Jones and others individuals. The government started investigating Jones with a suspicions conspiracy of drug trafficking. A tracking device installed on the defendants’ vehicle after a terminated authorize a warrant permanent to the Government to search and install a GPA on Jones vehicle. Antoine Jones and others with the same conspiracy of the investigation were sentenced life imprisoned by the District Court Juries of Washington District of Columbia. The jury found Jones guilty of drug trafficking and possessions. The 12 amendments proposed in 1789, that constitutions the Bill of Rights under ...view middle of the document...

The Government enforced break the authorized law by attaching the GPS at a different site, which was in Maryland, Washington after the specific given date from the Judiciary. As well as without the defendants’ knowledge, the tracker installed in the vehicle for 28 days. “The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in U.S. vs. Jones to determine whether the police had violated Antoine Jones’ Fourth Amendment rights when they attached a GPS to his car without a warrant and tracked his movements.” (Andrew)
The Government argued the defendants’ Fourth Amendment not violated under the constitutional because the parked vehicle was at a public lot. In some States, the Government has the authority to allow police officers to search a vehicle without the necessity of warrant. “ long as a state is deciding law based upon its interpretation of its own constitution, the state can be more restrictive than the Supreme Court. However, if the state is interpreting the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution, then they must follow the body of law established by the United States Supreme Court”(Policelink). The Government believes the attachment of the monitoring device for search was a responsible forfeiting act. As well as wiretapping the defendants cellular to help them enforce a predominantly well prepared investigation.

Once the District Court closed the case of sentencing Jones life imprisoned before appeals on a case that could have violated Jones right as a citizen. The Supreme Court reenacts the case by reversing the Government’s firm action of convicting Jones for drug possession with “submissive warrantless” use of GPS. “The Supreme Court’s decision is an important one because it sends a message that technological advances cannot outpace the American Constitution,” (Donald Tibbs). The Supreme Court argument appointed the constitution verdict, if the Fourth Amendment had enforced violated on the defendants’ rights as a citizen. “The Supreme Court had previously held in the 1928 decision of Olmstead v. United States that wiretaps which entailed no physical trespass upon...

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