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Violece Of The Weather Underground Organization

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While terrorism—that is, violence or the threat of violence aimed intentionally at civilians—has been employed since time immemorial as a means of securing political goals, the 1960s ushered in an entirely new form of political violence. Motivated by thinkers like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, this new breed of terrorism struggled in vain to halt the vehicle of Capitalism: as it was steered by the opulent and sustained through exploitation of a bloodied working class. Significant amongst likeminded New Left groups was the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), which conducted a series of bombings in protest against perceived American injustice. This expression of hostility by student activists, albeit far from a true revolutionary movement, stands out as one of the only so-called "terrorist movements" to consistently attack and antagonize on American soil.
Although officially formed in 1969, the writings had been on the wall since before 1959 and indicators of the Weather Underground's impending conception were prevalent throughout the previous decade—which had served as the perfect mixing pot for cooking up a domestic terrorist cell. At that time, almost half of the American population was under the age of eighteen. And the dawn of this period saw the formation of WUO's precursor organization, Students for a Democratic Society, whose youthful membership was eager to make a difference in an era defined by turbulence, prejudice, and bloodshed. Nowhere near as radical as what was to come, Students for a Democratic Society was initially content with conducting peaceful protests, working to get a greater cross-section of the American population involved with participatory politics, and lending aid to a fledgling Civil Rights Movement. Alongside escalation of America's involvement in the Vietnam War, however, a certain subset of members within the activist group grew increasingly militant about the issue and—in June of 1969—they inevitably emerged...

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