Violence Against Women: Epidemic Health Problem

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Around the world, 35 percent of women have experimented sexual and/or physical violence by a partner or by a non-partner. Maricruz Surita, a woman from the rural area of Peru, had to wait three days to be subjected to a delicate surgery in the head, after she was savagely beaten by his husband with a hammer and a knife. However, the young woman beat to death and today she has become a symbol against feminicide in the Piura region. According to the World Health Organization in their report of 2013, the study highlights that “globally 38% of all women who were murdered were killed by their intimate partners, and more than 40% of domestic violence victims were found to have suffered injuries from those incidents” (10). Besides, most women do not report their perpetrators shame, fear of revenge or stigma, or simply ignorance. The effects of violence on a victim’s health are severe and it can cause the death of many people, especially women. Therefore, even though most people belief violence against women is a serious human right problem that affects more than one third of all women globally, it is also an actual global health issue that affects women health and well-being, bring social problems which are caused to their own and family lives, and damages their economical participation in society.
The first effect of violence against women is that affects women health and well-being such as physical aggression, sexual problems, and mental and psychological disorders that can lead to high social and economic costs. This issue can range from broken bones to pregnancy complications, traumas, and so on. Physical aggression can cause injuries that can sometimes lead to death. In a report from the World Health Organization, it stated that 42% of women in the world has experimented injuries from their partners as a consequence of violence. Injuries resulting from violence can cause chronic pain, disabilities, or other medical problems. In addition, sexual violence can also cause unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, abortions, gynecological issues, and sexual transmitted infections such as HIV. Women who experience sexual violence are vulnerable to acquire different kinds of infections, for example, syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhea. Also, sexual violence, in an early age, can lead to increased smoking and alcohol-use problems; women that have experienced partner violence are twice as other women to have alcohol problems or addictions. The author DeKeseredy in his book “Violence Against Women,” he claimed “not only does violence against women cause serious and long term physical effects, it does considerable psychological damage and, again, changes survivor’s lives forever” (95). Also, some mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, sleep difficulties, and even suicide if the problem is uncontrollable and the victim does not have other solution to get away from their abusers. Therefore, violence against women is a...

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