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Violence Among The Lgbt Community Essay

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After reading a scholarly journal (Guadalupe-Diaz, X. 2013, November 3, An exploration of differences in the help-seeking of LGBQ victims of violence by race, economic class, and gender), I found that the author was trying to find out how often same sex couple were reporting domestic violence. Also, if there is a correlation between race, class, or sex and amount of domestic abuse then compare it to the amount of hate motivated violence that was occurring. The study that was conducted, was targeting same sex couples and was performed with surveys. The conclusion showed that, out of the 993 homosexual participants, 494 have experienced domestic violence and 471 have experienced hate-motivated violence. Out of the 494 participants that had experienced domestic violence, 228 were female and 128 were male. When it came to economic class, there was almost no relation to the amount of domestic violence that had occurred. Out of the 471 that had experienced hate-motivated violence, 191 were female and 193 were male. Again, almost no relationship between economic class and victims of hate-motivated violence. The results are a bit more staggering when it came to reporting and seeking help. Out of the 69 males that identified as lower class, only 21.2% had sought formal help for domestic violence, 24.6% sought informal help, and only 19.8% had called the police for hate violence. Out of the 143 females that identified as lower class, 29.4% sought formal help from domestic violence and 37.8% sought informal help, but only 10.1% called the police because of hate-motivated violence. This shows that homosexual women are more likely to seek help after domestic violence, but less likely than homosexual men to call the police because of hate-motivated violence. The survey also shows that males in a higher economic class are much more likely to seek help than lower class males, but less likely to call police because of hate-motivated violence. Out of the 56 males that identified as lower economic class, 26.8% sought formal help from domestic abuse, 30.4% sought informal help, and 19.4% called the police because of hate-motivated violence. With the 67 that identified as higher economic class, 51% sought formal help from domestic abuse, 41.8% sought informal help, but only 14.6% had called the police to report hate-motivated violence.
After reading a popular media article (“domestic violence in the LGBT community,” 2011) I have learned that police do not know how to handle homosexual domestic abuse. Sometimes, they don’t know which person to arrest and will sometimes assume the situations is not one of spousal abuse, but just a fight amongst roommates. The reason that this occurs is because of the lack of laws and guidance on same sex relations. Both same sex couples and opposite sex couples have some similarities when it comes to domestic violence: both go through the same cycle of emotional, physical, and psychological abuse; most people that...

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