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Violence And Aggression In The Workplace Is On The Rise

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In the early 1980s aggression and violence in the workplace have been a source of a lot of public discussion. (Piquero pg.383) The issues have risen again recently and have mostly been present in management and business fields. Workplace aggression often includes “behavior by an individual or individuals within or outside organizations that is intended to physically or psychologically harms a worker or workers and occurs in a work related”. (Schat& Kelloway Pg. 191) A national survey Conducted by the National Centers for Victims of Crime shows several statistics regarding workplace homicide by type show that is the year of (see fig. 1), violent crimes against victims working or an duty( see fig. 2) and nonfatal workplace violence committed by strangers(see fig. 3 Hortwitz, McCall and Horwitz (2006) examined workplace injuries using Rhode Island’s workers’ compensation claim from 1984 to 2002.When the cases were analyzed it showed that females were more likely to file claims it also showed that males suffered more from injuries that lasted longer and had higher costs. The costs associated with these claims were more than $7 million dollars there was average claim of $100 a claim. Furthermore, there were 6 deaths that were reports within the 5 year span. There was a rise in 2011 of 21 percent of female fatal injuries at work. In the percentage of these workplace homicides, the perpetrators were relatives – most of them being a spouse or a domestic partner. The 9 percent of male incidents that were homicides only 2 percent were relatives of the victim. There are also the cases of the female employee being killed during a commission of a robbery. Many times the robbers were the assailants in the deaths of male workers. Among the other homicides there were stabbings, hitting, kicking, beating and acts. Based on the evidence collected in this section homicide is the second –leading cause of fatal work place incidents. (Harrell 1993-2009) In the past workplace violence has had overwhelming attention by many labor unions, employer’s researchers. There have been surveys with different levels of detail with concern to the circumstances and risk factors for non -fatal incidents. The NCVS shows that 1.7 million on the average are not fatally assaulted while they are working. The majority of the cases that were examined were simple assaults. Assaults are defined as “an unlawful physical attack upon another an attempt or offer to do violence to another with or without batter, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.” ( Furthermore it has also been reported by the Bureau of the labor statistics has reported findings that under 139,000 individuals lost work days because of lost court cases because of assaults by people. In order to receive accurate and specific data related to work place violence the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health collaborated with the consumer product safety commission to use a well...

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