Violence And Movies Essay

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Movies and Violence

Before a person reaches the age of 18 they will have witnessed over 40,000 murders, and over 400,000 other acts of violence. One research study concluded that just one hour of television everyday will increase the chances of a person committing an act of violence by four times. Violence depicted in movies will leave an impression on the viewer and the feelings they had about violence will slowly and subtly begin to change as the person becomes desensitized to violence. Witnessing repeated acts of violence raises a person’s level of hostility and lowers empathy. The violence that is portrayed in movies and television has long been known to influence crime and violent behavior in our society.
Studies have been conducted to find if violent movies influence a person’s judgement and violent behavior. Psychologists have said that brutal imagery in films, games, and other media sow aggression in society by rendering viewers insensitive to acts of these type. The long term effects of exposure to these movies depicting murder, rape, robberies, and so on is pernicious. Another study concluded that the crime rate would actually decrease during the showings of these movies because for 2 hours during the movie any violence prone persons that wished to see the movie would be in the theater which meant they wouldn’t be on the streets committing crime. Dr. Michael Rich of Children's Hospital of Boston testified that the correlation between violent media and aggressive behavior is stronger than that of calcium intake and bone mass, lead ingestion and lower IQ, condom non-use and sexually acquired HIV, and environmental tobacco smoke and lung cancer, all associations that clinicians accept as fact, and on which preventive medicine is based without question. Society has become numb, desensitized and has developed a tolerance for movie violence along with a perception that the world is unsafe, dangerous, and dark. Still the consumer will continue buying tickets and the blood and gore will increase as new effects and technologies become available, while the producers continues to deny any relation between violence in society and violence in movies and media. The correlation between movie violence potentially affecting an individual’s psychological state has long been maintained.
A recent Google search for “violent movies” resulted in 376,000,000 matches. Some, I’m sure are more violent than others and others are too violent to watch. In 1967 Hollywood produced a movie called Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde were notorious bank robbers wanted by the Fed’s. The Fed’s finally caught up to Bonnie and Clyde and killed them in a hail of gunfire in slow motion, which added to the shock value. This movie changed the way violence would be portrayed in film. In 1983 another movie was released which told of a Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana. It told the story of Tony “Scarface” Montana, who rose to the top of the drug world in...

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