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Violence In Entertainment Is Not Parallel To Juvenile Crime

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American society has long since associated violent crimes committed by young people such as school shootings to violence in entertainment, such as video games and movies. Many news stations today that cover such stories link violent video games as the first motive why the young criminals did what they did—and an astounding number of Americans believe it: about 55% of American adults believe this. Contrariwise, irrefutable evidence linking violent crimes to violence in entertainment is nonexistent; actually, analyses say that while the amount of violent video games and movies has risen, violent crime in youth has decreased. Along that, all ‘evidence’ backing the link to juvenile crime and ...view middle of the document...

According to real world statistics, video game sales have climbed high and violent crime committed by juveniles has dropped. Violent crimes committed by juveniles in 1995 versus 2008 went from 115,592 crimes to 73,970, respectively; this shows a change of -36% over 13 years. Meanwhile, sales of video games in 1996 versus 2008 went from $2.6 billion to $11.7 billion, respectively—effectively showing no correlation between video games and serious juvenile crime.
Notwithstanding what people may say about the correlation of video games and other media to violence, people overlook that we as humans have always been violent. Humans have killed other humans a number of times over history and the number of human deaths caused by other humans is extremely high. Sparta was a military-driven society, but video games or other entertainment never influenced them. Hitler killed many people in the past, but today’s entertainment did not influence him. People will claim that now that the violent entertainment is present in today’s world, juveniles have all the reason in the world to think...

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