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Violence In High School Sports Essay

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High school sports are one of American student’s favorite extracurricular activities. High school sports provide a sense of school pride and dedication to the athlete’s school. Many students play in hopes of a college scholarship in their desired sport. Despite the dreams that come with sports the sad truth is that many sport careers end short by some sort of injury. Injuries in high school sports vary from a range of things. High school athletes suffer from damage to the brain, spine, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Sports also take a mental toll of the athlete putting them at risk of cardiac arrest. Student Athletes are also pressured to take harmful performance enhancing products and take ...view middle of the document...

Baseball, basketball, and as well as other sports can cause an athlete to have a concussion but are at much less of a risk. Surprisingly, Cheerleading has the highest number of direct catastrophic head and neck injuries. Cheerleading isn’t normally classified as a contact sport but many injuries occur during the stunts provided by the Cheerleaders.
Cervical spinal injuries are another serious injury caused by sports. The injury is primarily due to poor tackling techniques and poor muscle conditioning. Football and rugby account for the highest number of cervical spinal injuries primarily because they are high contact sports. The students who were reported to have cervical spinal injuries reported that they used their head as a “battering ram.” This puts a very high amount of pressure and stress on your neck which then goes to the nerve roots and intervertebral discs. Scientists have been studying safer equipment for the student athletes such as: helmets, shoulder pads, braces, and techniques. In the past years, UIL and organizations have stressed more about athletes “targeting” other athletes and potentially injuring them.
Treatment for cervical spinal injuries include: Steroid injections to the spine, months of physical therapy to get back to health, and surgery. The steroid injections reduce the inflammation in the spine and help the muscle tissue to regain muscle. Depending on the percentage of the injury, depends on the amount of steroids you need before you are back to health. The next step would be physical therapy. Physical therapy is where you regain the ability to use your back and gain strength in your spinal cord. The most expensive but scariest alternative would be surgery. Even with surgery you would still have to take physical therapy classes to use your back again.
The second most commonly injured part of the body occurs in the lower extremities. The lower extremities consist of the torn ACL’s, broken knees and ankles, and torn muscles. The lower extremities, which consist of the legs, knees, ankles, and feet, account for nearly half of all the reported injuries of young athletes.
Football accounts for the highest number of ACL injuries in male sports, and women’s gymnastics had equal number of injuries. The reason for the high number of ACL injuries is because of the athletes juking, planting, and redirecting to many times or too hard.
When the ACL, nerves, or muscles tear, the bones grows back together faster than the muscles and nerves can. When this occurs, it pulls the nerves tight and can potentially damage or rip them again.
Another concern in high school sports it stress. Stress seems insignificant compared to...

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