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Violence In Hockey: When Does It Go To Far And How Can A Sport Known For Violence Solve Its Problem?

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AbstractResearch today states that violence is impossible to avoid in contact sports, and that violent act committed in hockey is on rise. This paper looks at the occurrence of violence in the National Hockey Association, which is increasing within the organization of the game. Excess violent activity is unavoidable to some degree in the game of hockey, but as of lately it is becoming more of a common act within the sports. To evaluate this current situation this paper looks at last year vicious hit on Steve Moore by Todd Bertuzzi. Although the NHL has came up with different strategies to deal with violence, further research is necessary to establish an evaluate way to deal with violence in hockey and this problem cannot be solved overnight.Sports violence can be "defined as behavior which causes harm, occurs outside of the rules of the sport, and is unrelated to the competitive objectives of the sport" (Terry and Jackson 2). It seems as though every hockey player's dream is to play hockey in the NHL but many of them don't even know that violence is an integral part of the sports itself. Violence in hockey has been on the rise over the past few years and there are many questions to asked why is this violent trend of behavior increasing. Who would have thought that shedding blood during a hockey game would be the highlight of the game? According to the SSN student magazine, "it seems as though that in hockey, more often fighting is more important than skating and checking more important than scoring" (Thomas 3). Although most occurrences of violence in hockey stem from players, others, including coaches, fans, media, and intimidate family member of players, all contribute to what has become an outbreak of violent activities within the sport and they all share different perspective on the outbreak of violence in hockey.Among the different sport groups and agencies, the National Hockey league is " consider to be the highest potential sport where players get injured by violent activities" (Terry and Jackson 3). Violence in hockey is terrible, and the viewers admit that it is the highlight of the game. Adam Rutter States that " most of us go to a game hoping for blood and fights, the NHL knows it, the players know it, and the fans know it"(qtd in Par2). This new trend of behavior is bad for sports because sports were meant to promote fair play and sportsmanship. Violence in hockey should be an important issue for leagueand society to evaluate on, because "sports themselves are important aspect of people lives, and the society people live in" (Terry and Jackson, pg.3).According to Ateyo, the most common violent acts seen in hockey are " heads crack open by hunting whirring sticks, fist fights, and slamming body checks in mid-rink (Ateyo 229). A player most often commits this act against his opposing players and sometimes this act could be detrimental. For example, Todd Bertuzzi's of the Vancouver Canucks ambushed Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalanche...

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