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Violence In Television And Magazines Essay

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Many people are concerned about the violence shown in television programs today. The National Television of Violence Study was conducted in 1996 and again in 1997, by researchers at the Universities of North Carolina, Texas, California, and Wisconsin; this study showed sixty percent of programs viewed contained some form of violence. After this study was done many parents took steps in order to prevent their children form viewing violence and sex on television by installing boxes which are used to lock out certain programs or channels or using the parental control feature provided on their television. In 1999 the White House issued a press release that announced the Network Anti-Violence Roadblock, which is an anti-violence public service campaign. Also a second announcement was made that the Justice Department Gave out $ 15 million Dollars to the Commission Orientated Policing Services (COPS), which is a program that is partnered with local law enforcement to target crime and violence. Former President Clinton was also concerned and ordered all manufactures to install the V-chip device in all television sets. By July 1, 1999 fifty percent of new television were equipped and by the year 2000 all televisions must have been equipped with this device, therefore preventing the viewing of certain shows. However, many Americans still watch these violent programs.The force of violence shown on television is still a concern for many people. Violent programs can have a strong effect on viewers. Some effects can be positive and some can be negative depending on who is asked about the programming. Producers of the commercials are happy with this, because the people keep watching, which increases the ratings of the station. Companies that advertise during these programs do not care what kind of programs that are run, because the make up of the program might cause people to tune in and watch the commercial and then consider buying the advertised product. What advertisers do not see is the research that has been done which questions whether people remember the commercials or not.Commercials are very important to advertisers, because if violent programs have a negative effect on people, companies will have a hard time finding advertisers to fill their time slots. Why do violent programs have a bad effect on people's memory of the commercials shown? Does violence heighten the viewer to the point they cannot concentrate on the commercial they are watching? Does violence have an effect on the way people feel that can lower the confirmation of the ad? Could it be something else, maybe that people become so involved in the programs that they are not able to progress the commercial. In this paper I will try to give attention to the different effects of violence in television programming.Researchers have said that when people see stimulating things they need more time to adjust physically to the images then it takes to adjust mentally. High violence programs cause a...

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