Violence In The Media As It Corresponds To School Shootings

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Our Great ImmunityMany people feel school shootings, like Columbine, were the cause of violent video games, movies, and music. I find this very hard to believe. I though that most people are smart enough to tell the difference between virtual reality and actual reality, visual effects and real disaster, and expression and action. These things are nothing more than simple entertainment. The real causes are all the violence put in the media, the simple cruelty of how kids act, the increased availability of guns, and a lack of parental guidance. In result of all these causes the effect is the increase in school shootings.At least 50% of the news in the media these days is about violence. The reason for this is our sick fascination and curiosity for violence, but only as long as it in no way endanger our lives in any way. So, this is why most of what the news shows is violence because they report about what the people want to hear. In this way, the argument that the psychologists make for movies, video games, and music causing kids to become violent can also be said for the news, except for one major difference. The news is real.After watching report after report about all these different murders, rapes, molestations, etc. you begin not to care as much. Maybe you haven't notice, but gradually year after year, hearing about all of these horrible crimes, you come to expect them. They are no longer a shock. Then eventually without noticing you have practically become emotionally immune. Your sympathy for these tragic victims has lessened and lessened to the point; in which, it seems like the norm to you. That is because it is reality.Another reality is the cruelty of kids, especially teens. You hear of horror stories...

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1206 words - 5 pages , cinema, video games, books, music, the Internet, newspapers or magazines. Everyday we are confronted with violence that is portrayed in the media. Everywhere billboard we go past, every movie we see, every magazine or newspaper we pick up will inevitably have violence in it. Whether it is informing us about it, or using it as entertainment, people are susceptible to this violence. The main age group that is influenced most immensely by this is

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492 words - 2 pages      “That could never happen in my school.” This is one of the first thoughts that goes through a students mind when they hear about a school shooting. The fact is though, it can. School shootings can happen at any school at any time. Lack of security is only a small part of the problem. The major issue lies in the low morality of students and warning signs overlooked by administration.     &nbsp

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624 words - 2 pages , video games and doing well in school. But as I grew up, I began to see violence in the media-and lots of it. My brother and I were very competitive and we played Nintendo games like Mortal Combat and watched cartoons where the blood and guts of household animals were popular images. More recently, we play more realistic games such as Grand Theft Auto and Counter-strike. It seems the media chooses to show images of death, destruction and despair

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1411 words - 6 pages , unintentional, or intentional, may ultimately affect a person throughout life. As for children, it is their parents’ responsibility to make sure they are not over exposed to media violence. Is violence in video games, television and movies linked to aggressive behavior? I believe the answer to this question would be yes; these two factors are indeed linked. The link between violence in the television news and emotional factors in children are indeed

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776 words - 3 pages Violence in the Media What makes the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoons so funny and memorable? Of course, the explosions, hits and falls the Coyote takes while in pursuit of the Roadrunner. Pediatrics, a pediatrician read magazine, wrote an article on the influence violence, such as that in cartoons and other forms of media, has on children from ages 2-18 titled “Media Violence.” “Although recent school shootings have prompted politicians and

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2412 words - 10 pages there are bound to be some bad seeds. Violence has become an important issue, something that has become almost part of our daily lives. So often we lose sight of just how serious violent messages in media can affect our daily lives. Violence in the media has become so much more accepted in the past few decades, that no one seems to even take notice to it anymore, it has become almost 'normal' to us as a society. But its effects can be

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1569 words - 7 pages and on school property. There is great evidence that greater gun control means more gun violence. We could also cut down the violence in the media that children watch and listen to everyday. There should also be not as much violence and shooting in movies. We also need to improve mental health care. Pushing the blame onto guns is not always the issue. People that do school shooting usually need some sort of mental help. People need to stop

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1985 words - 8 pages shown. In only 16% of programs that portray violence the long-term negative affects such as psychological, financial, and emotional harm are shown. There are programs that show violence but emphasize an anti-violence theme by condemning the violence. Sadly these are a rarity, only accounting for 4% of all the violent programs on television. (Media Violence, 1999) Although it's not likely for people to be lured into a life of violence by seeing

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1342 words - 5 pages movies are rated PG-13. This reflects that there will always be a primal human instinct of entertainment from bloodshed. As quoted by Martin Poll: "Film is about life, and violence is part of life. Unless you're going to do a totally escapist environment, you can't ignore the subject of violence today, because it is prevailing in our lives" (Berger 31).In conclusion, violence in the media has a very controversial status in society. Although the

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1855 words - 7 pages expressed his concern for the mental scars that could likely be inflicted upon children as a result of this prevalence of terrorism and violence in the media. It is apparent then that experts concur; the violent images permeating the media could likely have a negative effect on children, causing them to feel unsafe, and to live in fear for their own lives and those of their loved ones. In an interview with CNN, Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell reported