Violence In The Media Exposed To Our Youth

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What is violence? The definition of violence is intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force. With out a doubt, violence is presented in the media. Violence has an affect in today's society and has changed how we live today. You never remember someone doing a good thing like saving someone's life for very long but you always remember the violence someone has done like Saddam Hussein. Violence always stands out in the society we live in and the media knows that and that's why there is violence in the media.In the society we live in today, the media is becoming more lenient with censoring violence in all forms of media. Now we need to ask ourselves whether the material shown to audiences, particularly the younger audiences, needs to be monitored more closely. Some believe violence in the media is having a negative impact on our youth, influencing them to be more violent towards each other. Some however, argue that it is the responsibility of the parents to look after their children and decide what they can and can not watch or listen to. They may also argue whether the explicit material will even influence their own children in the slightest is up to the parents.The government feels that it is not their duty to raise the children, rather the parent's duty to decide and raise their children and that the children reflect on how they were raise by their parents. Some may argue that if a child is influenced by the violence in the media to the extent that they feel they need to cause harm to another or themselves or do not see what is wrong with harming others, that there is something mentally wrong with them that may have been triggered by the media but not caused by it. Also, if children are ignoring the already made certificates, what more can be done to prevent violence being seen other then banning it all together, which could be seen as breech of human rights, forbidding free speech.There is only so much a parent can do when it comes to keeping the violence away from their children. I know for a fact that there is no way a parent can stop violence in the media from ever being exposed to their children. I, myself being the oldest of five boys, can honestly say that violence was all around me in the media when I was growing up and I did act out some of the things I saw and heard from the media. Wrestling is a great example because I remember thinking that it was cool to body-slam someone and watch two people beat each other up. My cousin and I used to wrestle all the time and would do all the moves of the professional wrestlers. Being older now I realize that its just for entertainment and that they really don't mean to hurt each other.My younger brothers, I feel should not watch some of the things on T.V. that they do, especially my seven year old brother who reenacts everything he sees on T.V. He thinks that...

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