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Violence Is Around The Corner Essay

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Whether you are happily working or sipping a fresh cup of coffee, your day will be ruined with the incoming call from the principle. You have just found out that a child stole something from your child, and in response, your child punched the lights out of the other kid. After a frustrating day filled with apologies you ask your child, eyes glaring and nostrils flaring, “Where on earth did you learn to do that!” or something of that nature. In response, he/she says that they learned it from playing Grand Theft Auto Five.
Violent video games have been reported to negatively affect a child, under the age of eighteen, mentally and physically. Not only does the child suffer, but the people in and around the child’s environment suffer also. Now, if violent video games were used correctly, then a child can veer off the negative path and possibly gain some positive aspects.
Video games are gaining excessive popularity in the American society. As of now, United States of America has a population of about three-hundred seventeen million people (Population Clock), and fifty-eight percent of that are active gamers (Essential). With the rise of new technologies, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, the number of people who play video games will rise substantially.
There is already an increase of reports and analysis’ concerning the effects of a particular genre of gaming, which is violent video games. As defined by the California law, violent video games are those in which the player is given the choice of "killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being" in offensive ways. It also defined such games as those that would "appeal to a deviant or morbid interest of children and are patently offensive to prevailing community standards." (CNN) Games like Call of Duty Ghost, GTA V, and even Angry Birds are all considered to have a violent nature within the gameplay.
Psychological effects are most commonly found from playing violent video games. These effects come in the form of aggressive behaviors that can be seen in the child’s school and home life, where it is most commonly seen. These can be seen in the form of hostile urges to brawls in schools, however all are short term effects. A 2009 study shows that the increase of aggressive thoughts and feelings lasted about four minutes, despite the fact that the heart rate and aggressive behaviors lasted four to nine minutes (Barlett 2009). Another study indicated that video games that exhibited the most blood showed a noticeable increase in aggressive thoughts (Barlett 2007). The game series “Mortal Kombat” is probably the best game to find blood, since the game is known for its intense bloody violence, and the most notably, “fatalities,” where one can finish his/her opponent with a variety of moves ranging from decapitating the enemy’s head, to piercing the enemy’s body numerous times, and ripping the spine off the enemy’s body.
Although these are short-term results...

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