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Violence Is Pointless Essay

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Violence has been around since the beginning of human civilization, but what has it achieved? War, death and suffering, nothing positive. Violence can spring from prejudice, envy and nearly any other reason you can think of. Why people think that violence solves problems is beyond me but to put it bluntly, in every way, shape and form violence is pointless. I don't believe anyone could justify a violent action, unless the person who committed the violent act is mentally ill or has some sort of psychological problem. There is never a time or a place for violence to occur in modern day society. Whether it is a fight at school or full-fledged war, violence is totally unacceptable, even if the person is a 'jerk' or is self-obsesses. We in the western world brag about how we are a "world superpower" but we do not act like one. If America was a true superpower it would not have let the situation in Afghanistan and other countries get so bad. All countries would love us, not hate or fear us, and we would always help when needed. Sadly Americans have a reputation of only getting involved when it has something to do with trade or money from a certain country. Is that the actions a true "superpower" would take? September 11th is the perfect example of what I mean by pointless violence. Osama bin Laden made a bad decision, a conscious decision, but still a bad one, to kill as many people as he could by hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings. He succeeded in killing many innocent people, but when push comes to shove what did he prove? What did he do it for? He did it because of his hatred for the American people and that is the only reason, or at least the only one I know of. Unfortunately the United States of America is not the easiest country to love, the people who live there are extremely vain and "enthralled" with themselves, but even if you are vain no one deserves to die because some psycho extremist from another country did not like your country all that much. According to an essay by Ron Rosenbaum the thing that made this crime a true act of evil and a pointless act of violence is that it was amusing for the Taliban and Osama bin Laden to watch people suffer and plunge from 60 stories up and higher, they also laughed about how they pulled it off. Sometimes I am truly disgusted to be a human being. As I have said before nothing will ever justify what bin Laden did because it was just a crime of hate that was totally senseless and meaningless.Kids and youth are some of the most impressionable people on the earth but we are still subjected to violence every single day of our lives. On TV, radio, at school and even at home violence is jammed into our developing brains. Over the years teens have become more and more violent to their peers and to adults. For example the Columbine...

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