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Violence Is The Best Way Of Achieving Change

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Some people believe that the use of violence is the best way of achieving substantial change. I argue that non-violence is the key to achieve lasting change, because some of the greatest acts of non-violence have led to changes which have not changed and have transformed the lives of many people. However, I understand that violence may have to be used in certain circumstances.

Some figures who thought that change can be achieve through using violence and violent methods were Malcolm X, Camilo Torres and Nelson Mandela. Violence and violent protests only make things bigger, more complicated and only cause more violence. People use violence, because they believe it is required to achieve such change. Furthermore, some point out the fact that violence is used due to non-violence taking too long to cause change.

Malcolm X was an African-American activist who violently protested. He used violence to fight for the rights and freedom of all Black Americans. Although he wanted the same changes as Martin Luther King, he was not remembered the same as him. Malcolm X was an Islamic ex-convict who believed in racial separatism. Racial segregation is where Black Americans live separately from White Americans in the United States of America. X also believed in gaining freedom and rights ‘by any means necessary’. Malcolm X was assassinated on the 21st of February 1965, aged 39 by three members of the ‘Nation of Islam’ after X left this group after being disillusioned by their radical beliefs.

Camilo Torres was a Colombian socialist, teacher at the National University of Colombia and a Roman Catholic Priest. Torres was also a member of the National Liberation Army. The Nation Liberation Army is a terrorist group formed in 1963. They are responsible for mass kidnappings and resistance to the government's efforts to stop the drug trade. This ‘Army’ believe in Marxism. Marxism is like communism, where the total population is controlled by the government and any money you earn or own is shared by the government, equally to the whole population and you have no power over it. Torres also believed that in order to secure justice for the people, Christian had a duty to use violence. He trained in guerrilla warfare and was killed in his first experience of combat when the National Liberation Army ambushed a Colombian military patrol.

Nelson Mandela was a south-African anti-apartheid politician. The apartheid was the racial segregation of South Africa. During this time, an ethnic minority called the Afrikaner ruled South Africa and the rights of the black inhabitants were reduced dramatically. Resistance built up due to the uprising of the apartheid. Mandela was a leader and a saviour to ‘non-white’ people of South Africa. Although he first protested using non-violence, he co-founded the militant group ‘Umkhonto we sizwe’ in 1961. This group lead an attempted sabotage against the apartheid government. In 1962, Nelson Mandela was arrested, convicted and sentenced to...

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