Violence Prevention Programs In Health Zone 1

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Violence is a horrific form of anger, aggression and pain to so many in Duval County’s Health Zone 1. Health data shows that there is a high prevalence of violence in this Zone; it is obvious that many socio- economic factors may be exacerbating this. “Health Zone 1 has the highest rate of homicide in Duval County with 43.4 per 100,000 populations” (Duval County Health Department, 2008, pg. 8) It is the violence and risks for violence that unfortunately impacts the health of Zone 1 significantly and may be reduced through the use of effective community nursing interventions. According to Young and Woodcock (2011) early exposure, lack of education, poor socioeconomic status and child mistreatment are just a few of the many precursors to ferocity. Unless therapeutic intervention, education and crisis intervention, takes place violence it will continue from one generation to the next. Violence is a prevalent issue among our youth, thus one must be aware of its risk factors, interventions, and ways to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions.
Risk Factors
Many children exposed to violence reenact their brutalities on others in the form of vicious behaviors. Exposure to television violence at an early age poses a threat to a child’s developmental psyche: “Kids who view violent acts are more likely to show aggressive behavior” (Nemours, 2011). Research conducted by the American Psychological Association revealed that early childhood acquaintance to television viciousness anticipated aggressive behavior in children of all ages. There was a link found between early opposition and consequent TV violence viewing (Huesmann, Moise-Titus, Podolski, Eron, 2003). Additionally, the results suggest television violence encourages escalation in aggressive behavior later in

development. As children begin to develop, adults must vigorously take part in monitoring what children see on television. Children are not capable of interpreting reality in media thus; the lack of education may be exacerbating this.
A community that does not stress the significance of an education will likely have an advanced occurrence of violence (Finkel, Turner, Ormrod, Hamby, Kracke, U.S. Department of Justice, 2009). In most cases, parents raise their children in similar conditions when they were young. Education offered in poorer socioeconomic conditions is usually discounted. It is not a primary principle to individuals in the lower socioeconomic class because they typically do not have access to resources to help support and promote the development of their youth (Finkel, Turner, Ormrod, Hamby, Kracke, U.S. Department of Justice, 2009). Many times family complications that attribute to imprisonment, disregard or death of a parent force the child to abandon school and be responsible for themselves or other family members. Usually, the absence, neglect or abuse of a parent fails to provide direction and guidance for a growing mind.

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