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Violence Towards Gay South Africans Essay

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The LGBT community in South African townships and rural areas live in animate danger for their lives. Despite protections granted in the country’s constitution, violent attacks on black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are plaguing South Africa. Policy-makers must urgently take steps to ensure the safety and human rights of the LBGT community through stronger penalties for crimes and community education.
South Africa is a pioneer in the struggle for legal equality on LGBT issues such as civil unions and parental rights in adoption meanwhile they are failing lesbian and transgender people in their everyday lives. Same-sex couples have been able to marry in South Africa since ...view middle of the document...

Most take six years which is why most people don't report it. Witnesses are often disregarded in court, as even seeing and hearing a victim screaming is deemed "hearsay, as the woman may be screaming in pleasure and this may be the way they like having sex, the police routinely have neither the resources nor inclination to investigate. "
While these are just a few of the thousands of women and men murdered in South Africa because of their sexual orientation. What remains perfectly clear is that there is a need for stronger and effective policies and penalties for those who commit the senseless attacks on the LGBT community. The LGBT violence is said to becoming a bigger issue, those who live in this reality are faced with danger of corrective rape which is a practice to try and convert
lesbians to heterosexuality and also being murdered and burned. South Africa took on the giant of Apartied, now it must regroup and take on the as equivalent giant of LGBT Violence.
Along with laws and legislation what is equally important is the aspect of education to rid society of it cultural bias. Sexuality remains a taboo subject in South Africa partially from the idea that homosexuality is immoral, un-African and a ‘White man’s disease’. Because of this thinking gays and lesbians are often attacked, molested and persecuted for their sexual orientation. South Africa has to allocate funds to provide educational initiatives in schools to combat sexual orientation issues. Many of the townships and rural areas do not provide enabling environments to discuss sexual orientation issues these are the places where the violence is the worst. Along with the lack of educational initiatives homosexuality has been condemned by many African Religious leaders. According to Reverend Oscar Peter Bougardt, "Homosexuals can change," he told Carter. "Homosexuality is a curse a wicked influence that comes after our...

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