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Violent Acts During The 1950's 1960's Essay

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Violent Acts During the 1950's-1960'sU.S. HistoryBibliography1.) "Black Panther Party," Microsoft ® Encarta ® 96 Encyclopedia. © 1993-1995 Microsoft Corporation. AllRights reserved. © Fink & Wagnalls Corporation. All rights reserved.2.) Goldman, Peter. Civil Rights the Challenge of the Fourteenth Amendment. New York: Coward- McCannInc., 1965.3.) McKissack, Fredrick, and Patricia. The Civil Rights Movement in America from 1865 to the Present.Chicago: Childrens Press, 1987.The fight for equality and against segregation has always been a noble fight. But is inflicting your rage onto those who have inflicted theirs upon you keep your nobility or just bring yours down to their level? Especially when there is a great deal of violence being used. This never-ending battle between the blacks and the whites has tormented the U.S. for years and still goes on in some areas. During the 1950's -1960's the civil rights act was at its peek. This was when the African-Americans were growing impatient and could not wait a minute longer before they had their constitutional and God given rights. Many peaceful marches, sit-ins, and boycotts were usually always greeted at the end with police, attack dogs, firemen, and ambulances. African- Americans started their own "police force" called The Black Panther Party so they can supposedly arm themselves against the white people. While others such as Malcolm X tried to convince black people that the whites were not going to help them and that they have to stand up for their own rights. Many riots were also taking place across the nation destroying many cities. After waiting for 300 years so they can have rights that every human being should naturally have they were angry and angry people are not very reasonable.As a result of getting rid of integration many people come up with peaceful marches, sit-ins, and boycotts as a solution. This was when hundreds or maybe thousands of young and old black people gathered around as a group so they can be heard and seen by everyone. Their goals would always vary but they would never stop until they have reached them, even though it may include violence. A good example would be in Birmingham, Alabama on May 2, 1963. Their goals were to try to stop integration in public facilities and department stores. The leaders were Dr. Martin Luther King and Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth. Early on April 12, 1963 they were arrested for marching when the governor told them not to. Directly on their release on April 20 they planned their second march. Their second march included a thousand people and when they barelystarted marching a block away the police commissioner was waiting for them and brutally arrested 900 people. The next day 25,000 people came out to march including many children. This time instead of arresting them they sprayed water and let loose attack dogs. In all this confusion and chaos people were seen flying on cars and bitten by beasts. It was reported that the...

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