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In reading chapter 14 of Introduction to Human Services: Through the Eyes of the Practice Setting, we are introduced to domestic violence, victim advocacy, and the justice and correction systems. Martin states that domestic violence which is also referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV) is the existence of physical, mental, or emotional abuse between intimate people. This can be husband and wife, boyfriends and girlfriends, and siblings and family members. Domestic violence can include physical violence such as hitting, slapping, kicking, throwing objects at, pushing, and even pinching. Along with physical violence, there is often verbal and emotional violence such as name calling, demeaning, taunting, and ridiculing (Martin, 2011). Martin then continues by stating some of the statistics of domestic violence, that nearly 25% of all women in the United States have been a victim of IPV. Women are not alone in this plight, however, with about 12% of men having been a victim.
As the chapter progresses, Martin discusses the nature of IPV, as well as how to approach counseling of IPV victims. She touches on the causality of the abuse, who is to blame, and how to help a victim of IPV properly attribute blame. Martin also discusses the possibly reasons why a victim might stay in an abusive relationship and how to help alleviate concerns easing the victim to the decision of leaving (if it is for the best).
One of the more candid parts of this section of the text, Martin discusses hurdles that a human services professional will have to overcome, and the biggest one is the automatic prejudice that the male in the relationship is at fault. She discusses a case where she as well as others had believe the female, and during court proceedings it was established through testimony of a friend of the “victim”, that the female was actually the abusive one in the relationship. She manipulated the system, lied, and nearly got an innocent man convicted of domestic violence.
From here the chapter continues into sexual assaults such as rape and establishes that sexual assault is not rape alone, that there are other forms of sexual assault. There are completed sexual acts, attempted sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, and noncontact sexual abuse. After a brief discussion about the types of the abuse and the whys of it, Martin writes about the psychological effects that a sexual assault could have.
Martin then continues to discuss violent crime in general, and discusses that violent crime on a whole has declined quite a bit since the 1990’s. She discusses and explains the Victims’ Bill of Rights and how they help a victim through violent crimes, assistance for victims and witnesses, and another facet that many people might not think of, assistance for surviving victims of homicide. The family and friends that are left behind when someone has been killed often need assistance to cope with the stresses of the loss, but also with the proceedings that they are...

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