Violent Crime In The United States, Explanations Of Violent Crime, Rape And Violent Crime, Murder And Violent Crime, Controlling Violent Crime In America

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In today's society, violent crime has become an all too common aspect of modern life. What makes a violent individual snap? Among the various explanations for violent crimes are the availability of weapons, human characteristics, a subculture of violence that stresses violent solutions to interpersonal problems, and family conflict. Examples of violent crimes include rape, homicide, assault, robbery and a few others.Rape has been reported throughout history, but in today's society, the definition of rape has changed. Even though close to 100,000 rapes are reported to U.S. police each year; studies show that the actual number of rapes is perhaps much higher as many women do not report rapes because they are embarrassed or feel as though nothing can be done. There are numerous forms of rape, including statutory, acquaintance, marital and date rape. Some rapes are planned while others are spontaneous. However, like other violent crimes, the rape rate is in decline (Siegel, 2008).Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. There are different degrees of murder, and the punishments vary accordingly. Murderers usually have had long involvement in crime and research shows that people who have been arrested for homicide are much more likely to have had prior trouble with the law. One important aspect of murder is that the victim and the accused often know each other. Like rape, the murder rate and the number of annual murders is in decline (Siegel, 2008).Assault and Battery are two more serious interpersonal violent crimes. These can often occur in the home in the form of child abuse and spousal abuse. Under modern law assault and battery can occur even if no injuries result from the blows. Battery can also involve offensive touching such as a man kissing or...

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