Violent Media Creates Monsters Essay

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​ Children who are exposed to violent media may be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. Children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others as they deal with killing and cruelty most of the time. All shows and games need the kid to kill his enemy to win, he feels happy after killing or destroying whatever facing him to reach the top. That's why I'm not surprised when they become violent or cruel, they enjoy the surfing of others and this moves with them psychologically from media to reality. This is the moment when the kid starts to change into a monster. Also, children who watch a lot of violent T.V shows are more likely to think that the world is a mean and dangerous place. Imagine, when your life is full of fear, running, killing and blood, what will you feel. Of course you will be afraid of living in such world. You will expect harmful actions from outside world all the time and as a result you will be terrified and live in fear from the entire world. Violent shows or video games are really harmful not only for children but for all the family, society and the world as well.
​Violent T.V shows and video games can increase children's aggression. Dr Phil explains "the number one negative effect is they tend to in appropriately resolve anxiety by externalizing it.  They can attack someone, they can kick a wall or they can be mean to a dog, abet or even people." It means that the kids who are exposed to violent shows or video games choose not to express themselves or their inner feelings by talking about it, expressing it or even cry. They choose to hurt everything and everyone around them. They stop feeling the real feelings of other people or animals like love, kindness and tolerance. They start to treat others as if they are the enemy and that can explain why they fell happy with others sadness and sorrow. And here is the point where   the kids are less caring or helpful towards others. While childhood is the perfect time to start learning the best ways of having healthy relations with other people, violent shows and games destroy every chance in front of the kid to build that healthy relation. This is not only for kids, but also teenagers who are already changing and having troubles in this critical phase of life. So when we think of teenagers watching violent shows and playing violent games we will understand how difficult this is , they are already looking for control over their life and with all this violence around them I don't think it will be easy for them, their family or the society.
​Another major bad effect is the fear kids start to feel after living with such shows or playing such games. I think of myself t now, I remember when I watch a violent or terror movie sometimes I can't go to sleep after it because of the terrible feeling of fear inside me, and I'm not a kid!!! How about children? How can they live with these overdoses of violence and terror involved in it? The answer is...

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