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Violent Media Does Not Have An Effect On Children

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Violent media is a prominent part of America's culture. America is the home to dozens of multimillion dollar industries that specialize in making violent media. This media usually has a rating label on it, categorizing it as being made for young children, teens, or adults. The purpose of this is to protect children from the disturbing and/or violent scenes depicted in the media. Yet, millions of children under the age of 17 still have free access to violent media. However, even though children have access, the overall effects of violence on children are not negative.
Statements and Beliefs of the opposing Viewpoint
What role does violent media play on children? This has been a controversial topic for many years. During any violent tragedy, if the accused had any contact with violent media, those are immediately put at the center of attention. The Sandy Hook shooting drew the spotlight on the roles violent games play on people in the December of 2012. Adam Lanza shot his mother multiple times, killing her before traveling to the elementary school. He then shot and killed 26 others, including 20 students and six teachers. He later took his own life. It was later discovered that Lanza had an obsession with video games. Prior to the incident, Lanza had obtained over 80 thousand kills with over 20 thousand “headshots” in the game “Combat Arms,” according to Daniel Bates and Helen Pow. However it was found that Lanza had some issues with his mental health. It was discovered that he disliked contact with others and changes in his environment ("Year after Newtown shootings, need for mental health care 'even more evident'" ).
The Red Lake massacre of 2005 is also under the light of controversy. Jeffrey Weise, a sophomore at Red Lake High School, went on a rampage in his school, killing nine fellow students and himself. Many news agencies brought up the idea that him playing video games desensitized him to violence. NRA member John Patrick Egelhof believes that playing violent games and watching movies such as “Zero Hour” essentially trained him in the act of committing mass shootings. Another shooting blamed on violent media is the Washington Navy Yard shooting. The shooter, Aaron Alexis, killed 13 people in 2013. It was stated in the article “Aaron Alexis: Washington navy yard gunman 'obsessed with violent video games'” that he was obsessed with violent first person shooter games(Allen). Yet, it was forgotten in many reports that Alexis had other issues. Before, he has stated that he was “hearing voices and being zapped by skin-vibrating microwaves”(Earley).
Other incidents include the Columbine High school massacre of 1999, where the two shooters were said to be fans of the video game Doom. In 2003, Devin Moore was arrested for attempted Grand Theft Auto. He later, while in custody, went on a shooting rampage and stole a police vehicle. This scenario is fairly common in the game Grand Theft Auto, which Devin frequently played. Another...

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