Violent Medias Effect On Children Essay

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Animals number one instinct is to reproduce. In most cases, this instinct ensures that the species will continue to live on. As the more advanced species, humans have continued to reproduce. Humans have done so for two key reasons. The first reason is the basic instinct of other animal, to ensure a continued species. The second reason is, most often, enjoyment. Many would believe that children are a blessing. Children are the future of the earth. They may learn to cultivate the ideas of this world and reap the benefits. These children will also learn to mold the ideas that they create and affect the world. Children may have a positive effect on the lives around. They can find what interests ...view middle of the document...

Many people believe that infants should not be exposed these violent medias. Other people may believe that the medias have no effect on infants and children. Some may also believe that these violent medias are good for children. Children should not be exposed to violent television or video games and to prove this we will look at how violent media affects the learning process of children, how violent media can provoke the idea of learning through imitation, and how violent media can lead to an inactive future.
One reason I am opposed to exposing children to violent medias is because it can affect the child's learning process. For instance, a popular television that many children are allowed to watch is Family Guy. The child of this show is an infant named Stewie. He is an infant who can talk, which is odd anyways. Although he can talk, that does not mean he says the most respectful things. What he says is quite vulgar and disrespectful. He constantly threatens to kill his mom. Stewie also has what someone would call a colorful vocabulary. This show does not teach the proper skills that these children should be learning. Children should be learning the alphabet and how to form coherent sentences. They also need to learn how to interact socially in an acceptable manner. These inappropriate and violent shows can lead to children cursing in public and treating their elders disrespectfully. For this reason, we can see the fact that these shows can affect the learning process. To help with problem, many educational shows have been created to help combat this problem. For example, one great channel for children is Sprout. This television show provides proper entertainment for young children. The ages that the brain grows the most are ages from two to five. These educational shows for children take advantage of this fact and help create new and fun ways for the child to learn. Shows of Family Guy and other “adult” cartoons take advantage of using bright and interesting drawings. Theses educational show have also noted this fact and have incorporated this into their programs. These violent medias are harmful to the minds of young, impressionable children, and they need to be limited, if not eliminated, from the household.
As mentioned before, children during these ages are very impressionable at this age. The saying “Monkey see, monkey do,” an old saying that developed in Mali and became known in America in the 1920’s, can be applied to this subject. Kids are quite susceptible to mimicking certain words and actions. To illustrate, my brother, Matrix, is growing up and has reached the age where he is imitating the family members. At age two he has learned from repeating my actions where his nose is, his belly button, and his ears. He has also learned how to say hello. To learn all this, he has imitated not only my actions, but also the various television shows. With this kind of learning, we can see what shows with vulgar language can teach...

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