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Violent Or Threatening Behaviour Can Be Presented To An Audience In Different Ways. Compare The Ways In Which At Least Two Playwrights You Have Studied Have Presented Violence, And/Or Threats And Comment On Their Success Or Otherwise Of Their Methods.

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Violent or threatening behaviour can be presented to an audience in different ways. Compare the ways in which at least two playwrights you have studied have presented violence, and/or threats and comment on their success or otherwise of their methods. "The Glass Menagerie" and "The Crucible certainly laid emphasis on violent and threatening behaviour. Throughout Arthur Miller's Crucible we discover how a small pagan community cause superstition and false accusations leading to the intensification of violence throughout the entire play. In Tennessee Williams "Glass Menagerie" we notice that, violence is not present physically present but however threatening behaviour or mental violence is clearly present. This essay will delve into the factors that propelled to violent or threatening behaviour."The Crucible" had different methods in which violence was conveyed to the audience. In fact, at the start of the play there was the presence of violence. For example, when Abigail killed the chicken and drank the blood. This is a great act of violence portrayed by Miller. By conveying this act of violence by Abigail at the beginning itself, it was quite a success as it situated the audience and also gave us an insight of what kind of person Abigail is. In "The Crucible", there is a threat then the violence enters. For instance, when Proctor says to Mary Warren "do you look for whipped" "I'll whip the devil out of you". This clearly shows that threat is placed before and then comes the violence, "grasping her by the throat…Throws her to the floor". The method used by Miller was the presentation of threat then violence; this could be portrayed as successful, because it builds up the tension within the audience. Thus the audience would start questioning, what will happen? Will Proctor hit her? Furthermore, when Miller introduces the violence it is even more shocking to the audience. Moreover, the threat creates an atmosphere of fear within the audience, but, however when violence comes in it is more of a shock to the audience.Miller included violence and threatening behaviour in the protagonist, antagonist and the violence within the entire society. In fact, my opinion is that Miller wanted to do like most Ancient Greek plays, to portray a tragic hero. A tragic hero has one flaw that destroys him, so, Proctor's flaw was that he was provoked easily and become threatening and physically violent. Miller used violence in a certain way to portray the tragic hero, Proctor. When Proctor is provoked in any means, he resorts to violence as he cannot control his temper. In the play for example, there are occasions when he threatens to whip his servant, his wife and Abigail. The method used by Miller was that he linked this to his downfall, the more he gets angry, threatening and violent, the more the town is angry and paranoid towards him."The Glass Menagerie" is a tragedy, violence does form part of it, and it is mostly the threatening behaviour of Tom that is...

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