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Relationship Between Violent Video Game Playing And Social Interaction

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The playing of video games is often reported as a cause of negative behavior in children and young adults. When these video games are violent, the discussion of their negative impact becomes more serious. On the contrary, reports also exist that connect video game playing to positive achievement and worthwhile social skills. Studies of the connection between playing video games and their effects indicate a relationship between game play and “social interaction, achievement, immersion, emotional instability, and aggression” (Kneer). As members of a global community that operates in a technological age, video game play and its results on individuals and on the larger society demands our attention. Unfortunately, technology makes video games of all levels of violence easily accessible to anyone with a computer. There are few among us who could not relate to knowing an individual who is either obsessed with thoughts of violence or exhibits violent behavior toward others possibly, at least partially, as a result of interacting with violent video games on a regular basis. “It is important to know the long-term causal effects of violent video games, because so many young people regularly play these games” according to Professor Brad Bushman at Ohio State University (Suciu). According to an article published in The Journal of Social Psychology, there has been accumulating evidence that exposure to violent video games promotes aggressive thoughts, affect, and behavior” (Greitemeyer and Osswald). This makes violent video game playing a social problem, not just an individual decision. However, if the connection between video game playing and aggressive behavior is minimal or secondary to another greater issue, as some reports suggest, then we, as a society, must determine what actually does trigger the increasing violence in children that exists in our culture.

Literature Review
“Violent Video Games Do Not Lead to Violent Lifestyle”
This article highlights two separate university research studies on the effects of playing violent video games. One study indicates that the video games are not a cause of violent behavior, and the author cautions that extended game playing increased the violent behavior in children. According to a Stetson University study, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Halo are not triggers to aggression for teens with depression or Attention Deficit Disorder. The study also found that the video games actually help students with these disorders by calming them down a bit. In a study by Ohio State University, however, the research finds that “aggressive tendencies grew with each additional day when they played violent games.” This is similar to the effects of smoking one cigarette versus smoking for years.
“Study: Video games, gun violence not related”
This research article states that there is no relationship between violent media, such as video games, and gun violence. Christopher J. Ferguson, a professor at...

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