Violent Video Games And Increased Aggression

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       "Get over here!" The angered and scratchy voice bellows from deep within the strong, mean-spirited ninja. The ninja throws forth a blade that is fastened to the end of a long, black rope. The sharp point of the spear pierces the skin and takes root deep within the stomach of a screaming, young woman. Blood splatters from the impact, and the ninja forcefully retrieves the blade by pulling on the rope to which it is attached. The shrieking, young woman is lurched forward, attached still to the steel blade and without the ability to defend herself. Currently, she stands paralyzed and helpless at the hands of her attacker.

Who could be behind the red, faded mask of this ninja? What human being could be so cruel as to put another through such unimaginable pain? Simple, this human being, this psychopathic ninja is none other than little nine-year-old Johnny from across the street. Making things even easier, Johnny is doing all this harm from the comfort of his bedroom, controller in hand, playing his favorite Nintendo game, Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

With such gruesome events such as these happening almost constantly in an ever-increasing number of homes across America, one has to wonder, how is this going to affect our children? We have PlayStations, GameBoys, Nintendo 64s, Sega Dreamcasts, PCs, and more. All of these mediums offer people of all ages, including children, access to interactive, violent experiences such as the one depicted above. From the media's favorite example Doom to lesser known, much more violent games such as Acclaim's first-person shooting game Turok 3, video game violence is more prevalent than ever. The biggest concern when it comes to video games of this nature is if having them available to younger audiences will lead to real-life problems. More specifically, can and does video game violence increase aggression in young children.

There has been much debate on this subject, largely between researchers against the media's availability and possible influence and the game players who feel the connection simply doesn't exist. To answer the question, we'll look at both sides of the issue, and hopefully come to a middle ground. We will begin by looking at the arguments that support increased aggression in children as a result of these violent games. After that, a look at the other side, the side that many young gamers support themselves. It's going to be difficult to reach any common ground between the drastically different sets of opinions, but it's time to begin nonetheless. If you're ready, "Press start to continue..."

For decades, the media has been accused of being a bad influence on the nation's children. Everyone has heard stories of little kids jumping off of their decks and hurting themselves after viewing the old black and white episodes of Superman. Years later, and there could possibly be a link between kids playing video games and those same kids later murdering their fellow classmates....

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