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Violent Video Games And Their Effects On Children.

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Video Games have been around since the early 1940s. Meaning people have been playing video games for at least the last 74 years. Based on research the first violent video game came out in 1976 known as Death Race. This game was described as sick and disturbing. Death Race was a driving game and you received points when you ran over people. Think that is violent, imagine the violence in the video games 28 years later. Violent video games affect the present and the future because they impact children’s mind, behavior, and education.
Since the time that video games have come out there has been many researches and experiments to publish their effects on the players of the games. Several ...view middle of the document...

Violent video games damage the way children think and process information resulting in aggressive reactions and attitude. Violent Video games can harm the children’s mind to where it is noticeable in a MRI scan. The MRI can show damage done to different parts of the brain which affects many aspects of the way the child acts and process information.
There has been a variety of data showing how children’s behavior has dramatically changed for the worst after playing video games. An extensive body of research indicates that violent video games can increase aggressive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings ( Anderson & Bushman,2001; Anderson, Shibuya, Ihori et al.,2010) While playing violent video they encourage random outburst of anger and those tendencies carry through to their lives at home and school. They begin to have angry outburst at school, with family members, and even their friends. Causing them to drift away and become isolated. They don’t seem to think that it is wrong because the video games have taught them that it is ok. There is a 12 year old boy at daycare and he is always playing video games. He even brings his game to the daycare so he can play. When approaching him it is important to be careful because he is very hostile and can snap on anyone at any moment due to video games. Many of the other teachers say he was a pleasant young man before he found video games. Now he sits by himself and is angry and aggravated all day because of the time spent on video games. There are many kids that play video games. When approaching the older kids at daycare it’s important to be careful because many of them play violent zombie killing and car driving games and when asking them to put them away many aggressive...

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