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Violent Video Games Cause Aggression In Violent Video Games Cause Aggression In Children And Should Be Regulated

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Video games have become such a huge popular form of media as they are enjoyed by every people from all age. They can be seen as indispensable sources of entertainment for kids and teenagers, serve as the relaxing and joyful time after working hard. However, why does video game become such a controversial thing and why have many scholars begun to study both the negative and positive side of video games, especially violent video games? After a long time of studying overall the controversy, many scholars say that violent video games indeed can make players have violent thinking and aggressive behavior. Therefore, the violent video games should be regulated in producing and purchasing for kids and adolescents.
Of course, have fun with healthy entertainment after the hard working time is such a normative thing for anyone to do. When people get bored with funny, simple and cute game, they seek for games that create stronger feeling when playing and the more violent scenes they have, the better they are. Therefore, the huge numbers of violent video games have been produced recently and they have attracted the notice from many people. Not only teenagers, many adults become crazily addicted to the game and the average video game player is 30 year olds (Radford, 2005). After many massacres happened throughout the US History, for example the Columbine High school massacre (1999) and the Virginia Tech massacre (2007) , the shooters were all students and used to be fans of violent video games, people started to question whether the violent video game was just for fun and had no negative impact. Both Harris and Klebold, the two gunmen in the Columbine High school were fans of video games such as “Doom” and “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Mortal Kombat”(Block,2007). The killer in the Virginia Tech massacre, Cho Seung Hui, was also reported that he was addicted to "Counterstrike" (Cho, 2007). Such coincidence that many shooters were a fan of violent video games before proved the negative impact of violent video games to the youth generation and made many scholars began to study the truth behind the whole controversy.
It might be claimed by some scholars and game players that the statement about gaming is unhealthy and can lead to violence is unproven. “The author examines the lack of scientific validity of the studies that insist upon a correlation between violence and video games” (Radford, 2005, p.3). The scholar said that those conclusions about the connection between video games and violence that several researchers had found were just tentative. The studies of researchers were accused for being biased in seeking evidence of the video games’ negative side. However, this argument is no longer correct as one of the most reliable studies proved the strong relationship between enjoying violent video games and the increasing in desensitization, aggressive thoughts and behaviors among young people (Bickham, 2006). In this study of Dr. Craig A. Anderson of Iowa State...

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